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On Conversations: #AAMBC #author Raquel M. R. Thomas

Please join me in welcoming author Raquel M. R. Thomas to Conversations today! Raquel is here to talk about her novel, What Becomes of a Broken Soul! So be sure and check out the cover and blurb below! And don't forget to check out her interview too and get to know Raquel M. R. Thomas.

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Rachel has been through a lot in her young life. When she was a child, her parents used and sold drugs, her mother beat her, and she had to fend for herself much of the time. But while her life was miserable, her dreams were bright. She wanted to become a businesswoman and start her own company, and basketball gave her an outlet for her feelings and her ambition.

But growing up isn’t easy—and love still isn’t simple. Rachel finds herself drawn to both John, the boyfriend who says he loves her, and Shanae, her longtime best friend who supports her through thick and thin. Although Rachel cares deeply for both of them, she isn’t yet ready for love—not after everything she has been through.

And then Richard enters her life. Rachel is now a young woman enjoying professional success and making her own decisions, but she often still lives in a past haunted by abuse. In her relationship with this new man that she can see a future with, Rachel must confront her demons and decide how she will live—and love—moving forward.


Interview with Raquel M. R. Thomas

Who is Raquel M. R. Thomas?

I am a God-fearing woman, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and a student! I am always learning and evolving. I am a woman who strives every day to walk in my purpose and to do the work God has set out for me to do. I am the protector of my energy. I am a believer that all things are possible and I am a dreamer that has set out to catch my dreams. I am a dream catcher!

What inspired the book?

As earlier as the 2ndgrade I wanted to be a writer. I would write short stories and poems as a small child. I never wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer, I wanted to a writer. The book is inspired by my life and what I have seen over the course of my life. The book was also inspired by triumph, the ability to overcome. I wanted to inspire others and even awaken something in someone that has been asleep far too long. I wanted to reach my audience and give something they could relate to.

Who is your favorite character?

That’s an easy question “Rachel”. Rachel is a character that has been through so much yet she finds a way to stand despite her circumstance. Rachel is also very human meaning she hurts, she cries, she has happy moments, she makes mistakes, and she isn’t perfect.

Tell us the most difficult portion of the book to write?

The book pulls many different emotions from the reader and there are many moments that are defining moments throughout the book. If I had to select a portion of the book that was difficult I would say the abuse that Rachel endured as a child.

Tell us the most exciting portion of the book to write?

The excitement really was throughout the entire book. Even with all the emotions that were running high being able to put it all on paper was an exciting process. When I would go to my writing chair despite what part of the book I was on I felt excitement!

What was your writing process?

My writing process was simple while writing “What Becomes of a Broken Soul”. I have a writing chair in my bedroom that I sit in and write. I play old R&B music mostly from the 90s and my fingers do the rest. I make sure I am in a very relaxed environment and that it is quiet.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years as an author?

In 5 years, I would like to have 3 more books published and becoming a New York Times Best Seller! I can see a film or play coming from “What Becomes of a Broken Soul” for sure. Overall, I see more writing and more books!

MBA, CEO, LLC!  Those are not acronyms many usually associate with a girl from the “wrong” side of the tracks!  Still those challenges are exactly why Raquel Michelle Richardson Thomas is the CEO/Owner of six thriving businesses, all before her 35th birthday!

The Columbia SC native decided while just a child that despite her circumstances, she would achieve her goals and change lives in the process. After receiving her BA in Business Administration and Marketing from Virginia State University and Graduating from the University of Maryland with an MBA, she quickly began crafting her action plan to make her entrepreneurial goals realities. Before her 28th birthday this visionary was owner and CEO of two thriving companies, at 31 she notched two more successes on her business belt and today Raquel sits at the helm of several lucrative companies that include Children of Tomorrow Learning Center and Child Care, The Museum Shop; a High End Men’s Apparel Store in the nation’s capital, plus a Health Care Business and Cleaning Company.

Her current business venture combines fashion with a positive message and movement. Definitive.Movement.Rebellion. (DMR) Fashion is more than a brand it’s a declaration of self-expression which encourages and promotes the freedom of being your truest self. Raquel moved the on-line business into a brick and mortar retail outlet in the Columbia Place Mall, Columbia, SC in less than a year and has established it not only as a retail outlet, but also an artist showcase. Each weekend the store hosts DMR Live featuring singers, spoken word artists, musicians and other live performances. Visual artists are also showcased with striking artwork on the walls of the store and in an innovative move; Raquel gave select on-line outlets the incredible opportunity to carry their line(s) at the Columbia SC location. Raquel says the goal for DMR Fashion is to create a welcoming space that melds commerce and community!

Raquel is continuing that sentiment with her non-profit organization Dream Catchers which will utilize programs, workshops and mentoring sessions to help youth from impoverished neighborhoods and broken households, gain the skills and self-confidence needed to achieve their goals.

Continuing her desire to encourage and motivate, Raquel recently turned a childhood passion for writing into her first book set to release in the summer of 2017. “What becomes of a Broken Soul” is a fictional story loosely based on the many challenges she faced, atrocities she witnessed and how perseverance, love and incredible drive can overcome even the most dysfunctional upbringing.

This mother of two frequently advises young entrepreneurs to stay committed to their dreams and goals in spite of the often tedious and difficult work. She encourages enterprising men and women, reminding them that “Challenges will come, but it is those obstacles that make you stronger, wiser and confident that greater is coming”! Raquel counsels those perusing business ventures to become familiar with every aspect of their company and never get too big to roll up your sleeves and lend your employees a helping hand!

Raquel clearly recognizes that everything she has been blessed to accomplish in her life is due to God’s love and favor.  Even in the worst times her faith has allowed her to experience the Lord’s Presence in her personal and professional life! Raquel says “God has built a fence around me and proven countless times that Matthew 19:26 is true; With God All Things Are Possible”

Find the author:
Facebook: Raquel RT3
Instagram: RaquelRT3
Twitter: @RaquelRT3Author
Snapchat: RaquelRT3

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On Conversations: #AAMBC #author Mariah James

Please join me in welcoming author Mariah James to Conversations today! Mariah is here to talk about her romance novel, Planez! So be sure and check out the cover, blurb and excerpt below! And don't forget to check out her interview too and get to know Mariah James.

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Essence Brown is a beautiful fashion magazine editor-in-chief living in New York City. Malcolm Hill is a handsome real estate agent from Chicago. When they meet on a business trip, things began to heat up. They say you shouldn't mix business with pleasure, but what happens when you do?

Planez will take you on a ride of your life; full of sex, thrill and betrayal. This isn't your ordinary flight...fasten your seat belt and prepare for take off.


Excerpt from Planez

Chapter 1: Check-In

As told by Essence…

I watched him walk down the aisle with such confidence. He was the epitome of fine, standing at least 6’5 with dark brown skin and a low caesar cut. Even through his charcoal grey Armani suit you could see the definition of his masculine frame. As he walked closer to me, my heart began to beat out of my chest. I squirmed in my seat, unable to sit still. My body flushed with warmth as chills went up my spine at the same time. He was moving closer, and with each step I began to melt in my seat. A stranger with such a big effect on me. How was this even possible? I just knew he’d walk right past me and I’d go unnoticed, but he suddenly stopped at my row and lifted his carry-on bag up into the overhead compartment. I could smell the Acqua Di Gio cologne seeping from his pores like a whiff of fresh air. I closed my eyes in bliss.

“Excuse me, Miss? Miss?” A deep baritone interrupted my thoughts, causing me to nearly jump out of my seat. “Whoa, I didn’t mean to alarm you, but I’m in seat D.” He laughed, showing off his dimples, as he showed me his ticket. As his hand extended forward, I checked out an empty ring finger.

“Oh, um…excuse me.” I fumbled over my words as I straightened my hair and stood up to let him over. I could see him lick his lips as he looked me up and down. I waited for him to take his seat, and I shimmied my way back into the row. I arched my back and sat down as slowly as I could. I knew he was looking at me. I could see his dimples from the corner of my eye.

“My name is Malcolm.” He reached his hand out to shake. I looked up from his neatly manicured nails to his face. His goatee was full and neatly trimmed.

I took his hand. “Essence.” I grinned.

“Ahh…indispensable,” he whispered.

“Excuse me?” I asked.

Laughing, he stated, “indispensable is the denotation of essence.”

My grin faded as I shied away, turning my face from him.

“Please don’t stop smiling.” He whispered to me as his soft hands touched my chin and gently turned my face to match his.

My breathing picked up, trying to compensate for the breath he stole away from me.

“You’re beautiful, Essence.” His big brown eyes stared deeply into mine. I went to speak, but no words would form. He detached his hand from my chin and looked forward, leaving me to stare at the side of his face in awe.

Interview with Mariah James

When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?

I realized I wanted to be a writer when I couldn’t think of anything else better to do. As a kid my favorite pastime was reading and writing. I’d get lost in a book. I would try to guess what would happen next, I would twist the plot around, and so I started writing my own stories, poems, or even two lined paragraphs.

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

My interest writing quirk would be music! I get a lot of inspirations from my favorite songs, even songs that are not my favorite. There may be a lyric in the song that will spark an entire plot.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

When I am not writing, I like to watch movies with my son.  I also spend time with family and friends. I do a lot of reading when I am not writing as well, it keeps my mind busy!

What advice do you have for writers?

I would tell writers to write! That story you have buried inside of you needs to come out. There is someone dying to hear it. Don’t worry about the critics, don’t worry about making mistakes, don’t think about failure! Just write!

Did you ever consider writing under a pseudonym?

I considered a pen name at first due to fear. I write urban romance novels, so the content can get a little juicy. I was worried about how I would be viewed by the people who know me. I decided to go with my birth name because once I completed my first novel, I was too proud of myself to hide behind a pseudonym.

If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?

I would tell young Mariah to not give up on her dreams. For a long time I gave up writing, as hard as it was to fight the urge, I gave it all up. I made excuses for why I couldn’t be a writer, why I couldn’t get published, why, why, why. It wasn’t until I came to terms that, I am a Writer; my soul bleeds through words and I needed to release what was inside of me.

Do you believe in writer’s block?

I do not believe in writer’s block. Writer’s break? YES! It is important as a writer, to take the necessary “breaks” we need. It may seem as if ideas are hard to come by, but they are never too far away. We are so critical on ourselves, so we tend to shoot down ideas we have and interpret that as writer’s block. The truth is, we need to write out those ideas, in order to get to a better one!

Mariah James, born and raised in Rochester, New York. She is the owner of Press Three Seventeen Publishing. Her first novel, Planez was released in August 2016. Shortly after its release, Mariah was nominated for Best Author at the 2017 Roc Awards. Mariah discovered her passion for writing at a very young age. As a child she spent much time reading and writing. She uses writing as an outlet; you can feel the passion in her words as you read. 

For more examples of her literacy works be sure to follow her blog at

Find the author:

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Pro Tips From Instafreebie: Finding Your Next Favorite Authors #IndieMonth2017

I’m excited to welcome Felicity Henson from Instafreebie to chat about how you can download free books in genres you like and easily find new authors who are just right for you. Did you know that marking a newsletter you signed up for as Spam can hurt the author? Have you ever wanted to reach out to an author but didn’t know if you could? Wondering how to find the authors that are just right for you? Read on for Felicity’s advice!

Discover and Engage with New Authors
By Felicity Henson

Instafreebie, the leading platform in author discovery, is a starting place to find new books and authors you love! Instafreebie features free books (and group giveaways) and new authors in genre-specific categories every weekday, making it easy for readers to discover books in the genres they like. However, the real benefit of Instafreebie lies in the potential of readers building relationships with authors they care about after they’ve read a free book. This is how to start taking those first steps!

Download Books You’ll Actually Read

There are a lot of free books out there. It can be tempting, but don’t download every single one. Claim books you think you’ll enjoy, and have the time to read. You don’t want to drown in more books and author newsletters than you can keep track of! This way you’ll be able to decide whether you like their content and emails, and won’t have to unsubscribe simply to keep your inbox clean. Authors will appreciate this too. They put a lot of hard work and thought into creating their content, and it can be frustrating for them when a lot of people download their book with no intention of reading it.

Join Author Mailing Lists

Some free book giveaways ask you to join the author’s mailing list in order to download their book. If this is the case, make sure that the book is one you want and will read before downloading it. If you sign up to a lot of mailing lists you don’t care about, it will frustrate you and clutter up your inbox. It will also hurt authors, who pay more money for each subscriber they have.

Some authors won’t require you to join their mailing list in order to download their books, but will give you the option. If you plan on reading the book, consider joining their mailing list. If you end up loving the book, you’ll be able to keep up a relationship with the author, find out what new things they’re doing, where to get the rest of their works, and how you can give them feedback. They might also become a place to find new authors and books you’ll love! If you join the mailing list and end up not wanting to hear from the author, you can always unsubscribe later.

What it Means to Unsubscribe

For authors, every unsubscribe comes with a question. Why? Did the reader unsubscribe because they didn’t like their book? Was it because the reader didn’t like the amount of emails they received? Was it because the reader never intended to read those emails in the first place? Authors’ livelihoods depend on their engagement with readers. Give them a chance before unsubscribing by reading their content and learning if it’s for you or not. If you try what they’ve written and decide it’s just not for you, then it’s a good idea to unsubscribe from their list. You should also unsubscribe if you don’t like the author’s email habits – if they send emails too frequently or you don’t like the content they’re sending you. However, if you do choose to unsubscribe, give feedback as to why you are. Usually there’s a poll when you unsubscribe where you can explain. This way the author will learn and improve their email practices. 

Pro Tip: Take a couple seconds to fill out the post-unsubscribe polls to help authors improve their email practices

What It Means to Mark as Spam

Marking an email as spam is not the same thing as unsubscribing from an email list. When an author is marked as spam, it hurts their credibility, and often results in their email service blocking them from sending any emails. When you download a book and give your email address, you’re signing up to get emails from the author. Spam emails are emails sent to you without your agreement. Since you agreed to receive emails from the author when you downloaded their book, these emails aren’t spam. If you want to unsubscribe from an author’s email list, you can usually find a button to unsubscribe either at the top or the bottom of the emails they send you. If you can’t find the unsubscribe button, email the author and ask for their help. They can remove you from their list. 

Engage With Authors

The more connected an author is to engaged readers, the more encouraged and successful they’ll feel, and they’ll reciprocate by writing more and more content that you’ll get to read.

Authors you engage with are more likely to feel encouraged and write more content you’ll get to read

If you’re on an author’s mailing list, read their emails! Authors will give you information on how to get more freebies (if they’re offering any), how to find the rest of their books, and recommendations for other books you should read. They might also tell you about their life and ask you about yours. 

Don’t be afraid to engage with authors you like. Authors want to hear what you have to say, even – especially – if you haven’t interacted with them before. Do you have an answer to a question the author asked? Respond to their email and tell them! Did the author send out a poll looking for information about readers? You’d really be helping the author by responding, and they’ll remember you fondly for it. Do you want to do something more for the author and are willing to put in a little effort? Leave a review of the book on Amazon or Goodreads and look into joining the author’s street team, if they have one. Street teams are groups of readers that help the author grow, usually by leaving reviews or promoting the book to the other people they know (often in exchange for free content!). Street teams can also be a way to meet readers who are interested in the same books, so you can meet new friends while you’re at it.

Authors want to hear what you have to say, even – especially – if you haven’t interacted with them before.

Even if you’re not responding to a question or joining a street team, don’t hesitate to shoot an author an email if you have something you want to tell them. They’ll always appreciate it, and might even respond. You could become friends with your favorite writer, someone you respect and admire.

So if you’ve downloaded a bunch of free books and are wondering what the next step is, try reading emails from authors and start interacting with them. Authors love to hear from you and by giving feedback and reviews, you can even influence their next work! Start finding new authors today by joining the Instafreebie community

About Instafreebie 

Instafreebie was created in 2014 with a mission to accelerate great stories and big ideas. As the book world’s leading platform for exclusive access to sneak peeks, advance previews, and special giveaways, we live our mission every day and give readers a chance to SEE IT FIRST™.

Instant Connection
For our author partners, See It First means an instant connection to engaged fans in our rapidly growing reader community. Instafreebie builds the trusted and lasting connection to the right readers–the ones authors knew were there all along

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Develop Your Author Brand Through Reader Connections

By Felicity Henson


Many successful authors feature giveaways on their sites for potential readers to sample their writing or reward fans. A lot of authors share short stories and book previews. You can also permanently give away the first book of a series for free or give away a work for a limited time. Use Instafreebie to set up giveaways - we host giveaway links, landing pages, and handle reader tech support, all for free. Plus, the more you promote your giveaway - and your author brand - the more Instafreebie will promote you too, giving you the chance to be featured on our blog, newsletter, homepage, and social media, which will drive up downloads and increase your connection to the right readers.

Expert tip: Giveaways build a sense of trust between you and readers, which reflect well on your author brand. By providing readers a sample of your writing, you’re letting readers see for free that you are who you say you are. In fact, we’ve found that readers who read free books tend to buy more often.

Communicate with your Readers

If you receive comments and messages, that’s a good thing! Readers are interested in you, developing trust, and the more you engage with them, the more they’ll remember you. Try to respond to any comments and emails you get and build relationships with fans. Through Instafreebie, you can offer devoted readers exclusive free content as a thank you for reading and for talking up your brand. You can also distribute private Advanced Review Copies. With more reviews, more people will find and buy your work when it’s published.

Collaborate with Authors

You can find writers you read through their blogs and websites, and on social media. Talk to people about their experiences and make new connections.

Connecting with other writers is not only fun, it can help build your reputation with readers! Have you ever thought about the people who recommend you? What if you also recommended your favorite authors? One way to recommend great books is to participate in a group giveaway, where multiple authors promote their free books to all of their fans. Recommending high quality books you love to your readers will boost your connection. Your passion will come through and readers will get excited too. They will trust you more and appreciate the thought you put into giving them more of what they like. You’ll also be recommended to the readers of authors that are similar to you, so you’ll be able to create connections with more of the readers you want.

Between recommendations, collaboration, and social media, there are a lot of ways for you to connect with readers and start building a brand. Want to start developing your brand? Then come join Instafreebie

Author Brand Basics by Felicity Henson

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SAFE HAVEN On Sale for #99cents!

This week only! SAFE HAVEN by Lisa Mondello, book 2 of the Heroes of Providence series, is on sale for just #99cents!

Safe Haven
Heroes of Providence
Book 2
Lisa Mondello

When someone you once loved wants you dead, is there any SAFE HAVEN?

Finding out her ex-husband hired a hitman to kill her didn't leave Daria Carlisle all warm and fuzzy. But Detective Kevin Gordon's suggestion she flee the only home that had ever truly been hers was downright crazy. Forget that the sexy police officer made her heart pound and her blood stir. She'd worked too hard to get what little she had. She wasn't leaving.

Kevin Gordon didn't make mistakes, but he'd made a big one in letting Daria's ex slip through his fingers. Although he tried to make it very clear to Daria that the fixer upper home she considered a palace was no safe haven, she just dug in deeper and insisted on staying, leaving him no choice but to be her protector. Left on her own, she surely faced murder at an assassin's hand. But can Kevin spend every waking hour sleeping on her doorstep just to keep this stubborn woman alive without risking his heart to love?

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On Conversations: #bestselling #author Rebecca York

Please join me in welcoming New York Times bestselling author Rebecca York to Conversations today! Rebecca is here to talk about her new paranormal romantic suspense novel, BOXED IN and it's priced at just 99¢ as a new release special price for the month of June. BOXED IN is the 16th Decorah Security Series book, but can be easily read as a standalone novel. So be sure and check out the cover and blurb below! And don't forget to check out her bio too and get to know Rebecca York.

Lisa ~


Olivia Weston is sure her boss has imported a shipment of stolen antiques. And when Decorah agent Luke Garner handles one of the items, an ornate puzzle box, the spirit of a warrior, locked away for centuries, takes possession of his body. Zabastian, the guardian of the box, forces Luke to help him return the object of power to its rightful owners. As Olivia sees Luke change before her eyes, his transformation both frightens and arouses her. And both men who inhabit Luke’s body want her. But they must also learn to work together to protect the mysterious artifact from a trio of murderous thieves who will risk anything to steal the prize. And in the end, will the warrior allow Luke and Olivia their happily ever after?

Purchase BOXED IN for only 99¢!
Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Kobo

A master of paranormal romantic suspense, Rebecca York is the author of over 150 books. A New York Times and USA Today best-seller, she has written paranormal romantic thrillers for Berkley and romantic thrillers for Harlequin Intrigue. Her romantic-suspense series, Decorah Security, is set at a detective agency where agents have paranormal powers or work paranormal cases. She also writes an Off-World series where each story is a science fiction romance taking place on a distant planet in the far future.

The first of her Berkley Sensation paranormal romantic suspense novels, KILLING MOON, was a launch book for the imprint.

She also wrote the popular 43 Light Street series for Harlequin Intrigue. In addition, as Ruth Glick, she has authored or co-authored 15 cookbooks.

Rebecca’s many awards include two Rita finalist books. She has two Career Achievement awards from Romantic Times: for Series Romantic Suspense and Series Romantic Mystery. NOWHERE MAN was the Romantic Times Best Intrigue of 1998, and the book was selected as one of their Reviewers' "all-time favorite 400 romances." In addition, she received the 1998 Affaire de Coeur's Critics Choice Award for Best Contemporary Novel, also for NOWHERE MAN. Ruth's book, KILLING MOON, won the 2003 New Jersey Romance Writers Golden Leaf Award for best Paranormal. AMANDA'S CHILD won the 2001 Golden Leaf Award for Long Contemporary and was nominated for Best Intrigue of 2000 by Romantic Times. She is one of a small group of authors to have won the Romance Writers of America Centennial Award.

Ruth and her husband travel frequently to research settings for novels and taste new dishes for cookbooks. Her many unique experiences are apt to end up in her books--like the time she encountered a coral snake in the Guatemalan jungle or took a flight in a glider plane.


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On Conversations: #AAMBC #author Marian L. Thomas

Please join me in welcoming author Marian L. Thomas to Conversations today! Marian is here to talk about her new book, I Believe In Butterflies! So be sure and check out the cover and blurb! And don't forget to check out her interview too and get to know Marian L. Thomas.




I Believe In Butterflies is a resonant story told through the insightful voices of three women navigating life and love.

Seventy-six-year-old Emma Lee Baker has lived a seemingly ordinary life near the banks of Thomas Bay, but a shocking discovery turns her ordinary life into something altogether extraordinary.

Honour Blue Baker is the polar opposite of her gentile mother. There are only two things in life she fears: her past and the idea of falling in love. Those fears come full circle when she returns to Barrow County to visit her mother, never knowing that her journey home will become a journey of a lifetime.

Twenty-three-year-old Lorraine has hedged her bets on three things: love, butterflies, and the fact that she's a white woman. When she discovers that her long-held beliefs are nothing more than fallacies, all she's held dear is shattered. The hard truths force her to seek out a fresh start - far from the life she thought she knew - but that new life will not be without its share of perils.


Interview with Marian L. Thomas

‘I Believe In Butterflies’ will release on May 21, 2017; for those who don’t know, can you tell us a little more about the characters in the book?

It’s a resonating story told through the insightful voices of three women navigating life and love.

Emma Lee Baker is a seventy-six-year-old woman from Barrow County, Georgia. She’s a straight-shooting woman who believes in speaking her mind.

Emma has one daughter- Honour Blue Baker. Their relationship is more like burnt toast and year-old jam.

Honour Blue Baker’s greatest fears are centered around two things: her past and the idea of falling in love. Those fears come full circle when she returns to Barrow County to visit her mother.

Honour is my favorite character in I Believe In Butterflies. She’s strong, yet, has a gentleness that makes your heart understand her seemingly tragic tribulations.

Lorraine has spent twenty-three years believing in three things: love, butterflies, and the fact that she’s a white woman. However, the day comes when all that she’s held dear is shattered, after discovering that her close-to-heart beliefs are nothing more than fallacies.

When it comes to writing, have there been moments when you wanted to walk away from it?

I have always enjoyed writing. The idea of becoming an author, was something that I resisted at first, even after my first book, Color Me Jazzmyne was published in 2009. Being an author brought about responsibilites that I wasn’t sure I was ready for. Readers now wanted more of me and I wasn’t sure I was ready for that type of exposure. I felt like running away from it. It wasn’t a matter of not being able to do it, it was more a matter of—do I want to put a part of me, out there. That’s what it’s like to write a book. It’s putting a small piece of yourself out there for the world to either love or hate.

What do you enjoy most about being an author?

I absolutely adore when a reader enjoys my book. It’s like a pinch of satisfaction on a job well done. Of course, there will always be those that didn’t. It comes with the territory and I have learned to embrace them. I have found that just because a reader didn’t like one of your books, doesn’t mean they will never enjoy one. You just have to learn how to capture their heart, if possible. Sometimes, this happens. Sometimes, it doesn’t. It should make you a better writer.

What contributes to your writing inspiration?

Everything and anything, can inspire me. It could be a movie. It could be a flower. It could even be a conversation I was having with someone about a particular subject.

How often do you interact with your readers?

I try to interact with readers as much as possible via the various social media sites. I’m pretty active on Instagram (@marianlthomas09). Readers can often find me on Facebook, posting about everything from books, to food recipes, to weight loss.  I also tweet (@marianlthomas01).

In fact, it’s via social media that most book clubs connect with me. They inbox me via Facebook to request that I attend a book club discussion of one of my books or invite me to Skype with them, when they aren’t local to Georgia. It’s fun and something that I welcome.

What’s the biggest “moment” of your writing career?

The biggest moment of my writing career came in 2016, when my book Blue Butterfly, a USA Today recommended read, was adapted for the theatrical stage as Blue Butterfly-The Black Ballerina. The play debuted in June of that year, at the Marietta Performing Arts Center.  I had a great cast and they worked hard to deliver a very memorable performance that was well-received by those that attended the play.

What’s coming down the pipeline for you? What’s next?

Doing another play. I’m considering adapting my first book, Color Me Jazzmyne, into a musical that focused on Jazz, Life, and Love.

Do you have any advice for those looking to write their first book?

My advice is simple: Believe. Do. Write.

Dont’ dwell on it. Write. Don’t doubt. Write. Don’t say...”I can’t.” Write. Writing starts with one word and ends with a period—everything in between, is a recipe of determination, inspiration, and a dash of reality.


Award-winning author, Marian L. Thomas, is a dynamic story-teller with over five dramatic novels to her credit. Her books have been seen on national television stations such as the Oprah Winfrey Network, Ovation, and the A&E Network. She is the producer and playwright for the hit play: Blue Butterfly - The Black Ballerina. Her novel Blue Butterfly was a USA Today recommended read. She resides in Atlanta.

Find the author:
Twitter: @marianlthomas01
Instagram: @marianlthomas09
"Like" Page For I Believe In Butterflies: @ibelieveinbutterflies2017 or
Author website:

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