New Texas Hearts Release: UNDER A TEXAS STAR by Lisa Mondello

Thank you to everyone who has downloaded UNDER A TEXAS STAR and written to me about how much you love it!  I do truly love this book.  Something about it has always touched my heart.  It could be because I used some stories, borrowed from my husband who is a former marine and trained as an army ranger, in the story.  I also referenced little bits about his family history when talking about Tag/Tom's family. And well, the heroes name is Tom which is also my husband's name!  So it could be that. 

I also revisited some of the TEXAS HEARTS characters from earlier books.  So you get a little glimpse of what is going on with some of your favorite characters since reading those earlier stories.

But knowing readers have enjoyed the book as much as I do is what is really heartwarming to me.  If you haven't had a chance to check out UNDER A TEXAS STAR, here are the details about how to download!

All my best, Lisa Mondello

Texas Hearts Book 9 is available now!

Military hero Tom Garrison is an expert in high intensity emergency situations. But after years of military service, all he wants to do is hide from the world. When single mom Jenna Atkins bangs on his door in the middle of the night begging for his help for her sick young son, Tom can't ignore it. He flies Jenna and her son to an emergency center that can help the sick child, but can he just walk away? Despite his efforts, Jenna and Brian capture his heart—just as he captures theirs. Both Jenna and Tom have battled life's surprises and been touched by tragedy. Can they overcome the past to open their hearts to love again?

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The Texas Hearts series includes these western romance novels:


UNDER A TEXAS STAR by Lisa Mondello 
Available 3/21/17! Read an excerpt below:

UNDER A TEXAS STAR by Lisa Mondello
Military hero Tom Garrison is an expert in high intensity emergency situations. But after years of military service, all he wants to do is hide from the world. When single mom Jenna Atkins bangs on his door in the middle of the night begging for his help for her sick young son, Tom can't ignore it. He flies Jenna and her son to an emergency center that can help the sick child, but can he just walk away? Despite his efforts, Jenna and Brian capture his heart—just as he captures theirs. Both Jenna and Tom have battled life's surprises and been touched by tragedy.. Can they overcome the past to open their hearts to love again?
Reaching back and securing his hands at the nape of his neck, he watched as the millions of stars that had dotted the blue-black sky just a half hour ago blinked out one by one in the morning light.
He didn’t want to be alone for this moment, but it was more than that.
He wanted to be with Jenna. Climbing into his truck, he headed over to the Jenna’s. There was a light on downstairs in the den, which Tag hoped meant someone was awake at the Atkins farm. Jenna had said that she had a lot of sewing to catch up on. Maybe she’d gotten up early to get started before Brian woke up. With any luck, she’d be awake.
Anticipation rolled through him. Within seconds Jenna came bursting out of the front door onto the porch. Despite the porch’s shadows, he could see from the light filtering out from the den window that it was her. A smile immediately hit his face, but then he saw the panic in her eyes when she came down the porch steps.
His stomach clenched as the quiet peace he’d been feeling during the drive over shifted into concern. Had something happened? Was that really why she was up so early?
The truck ground to a halt in front of the house. Her bare feet were already crossing the yard as he turned off the engine and climbed out.
“What are you doing here so early?” she called out, watching him as he carefully closed the door without making too much noise. “Is there something wrong?”
Jenna’s hair was rumpled, and her eyes showed fatigue, as if she’d been up all night working after the exhausting day they’d had. But there was no fear or worry or distress written there. The troubled lines that normally creased her forehead were gone. It was clear she was glad to see him.
“I hardly slept at all last night. I tried, but I managed only a few hours,” he said.
“I slept a few hours, but I’ve been up since three o’clock. Brian and my father were so tuckered out last night that a bomb could have gone off in the yard and neither of them would have roused.”
He stared at her for a few moments, just taking her in completely.
Finally, she said, “Was there something you wanted to tell me?”
Her shoulders slumped—just slightly, but enough for him to know she was bracing herself.
“I wanted to tell you that you’re beautiful. I just wanted you to know that.”
The smile she gave him transformed her whole face and made it impossible for Tag to breathe. She was beautiful, but he wondered how long it had been since she’d heard those words from someone.
“Thank you,” she said, touching her cheek with her hand. “Is that really what you came here to say?”
He gave her a crooked grin. “Yeah, pretty much. If you give me a few minutes, I can think of something else, too.”
Jenna chuckled as she slowly moved toward him. “Sometimes I forget...” Her expression was a mixture of nervousness and resolve.
“What’s that?”
Taking a deep breath, as if she was searching for courage, she looked away and then back at him again. Even in the darkness, her eyes sought him out and her beauty stole his breath away.
“I’m so many things to so many people. I get pulled in all kinds of directions. Dad needs me to help him out at the farm. My business needs my attention all the time and Brian... Not that I mind. I love my family.”
“There are so many tasks in a day that need to be done that I forget that there is more to me than just a housekeeper, a business owner, a mother.”
“You’re a woman,” he said.
She nodded.
“I’m not likely to forget that, Jenna. Ever.”
“Then remind me.”
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Copyright Lisa Mondello 2010, reissue 2017

On Conversations: #AAMBC #author April Henderson

Please join me in welcoming author April Henderson to Conversations today! April is here to talk about her new book, A Letter To You! So be sure and check out the cover, blurb and excerpt below! And don't forget to check out her interview too and get to know April Henderson.

Lisa ~



A Letter To You is a book of 50 inspirational letters written to teen girls and young women. The letters cover various topics, from self-esteem and comparison issues, to relationships and decision-making. Other topics include overcoming loss and adversity, dealing with mean-girl behavior, and social media bullying. The work is written from the perspective of an older sister/mentor talking to a younger sister/mentee. Each letter offers meaningful advice and key insights that will help encourage, educate, empower, and inspire girls as they navigate through life.


Excerpt from A Letter To You

April Henderson is an Author, Youth Advocate and Speaker with extensive professional experience in the educational and social service field, targeting the needs of at-risk youth and their families. She obtained her Masters of Education in 2006 and has dedicated her leadership to servicing child victims of sexual exploitation and trafficking, as well as homeless and runaway youth.

In 2002, she started The Restoration Home, a non-profit that offers programming for girls and young women.

April Henderson knows first-hand how difficult and turbulent it can be to cope with adversity during the teen years, as she lost her brother at the age of sixteen. Her journey of overcoming this tragedy and rediscovering her identity, hope and courage led her to a career of working with youth in the social service field and educational sector.

From One Sister to Another:
Please don’t believe the lie! You can have great friendships with girls. It is important to ensure that you are selecting and investing in the right relationships. Sometimes, our hearts are filled with disappointment and hurt because we invested or spent a lot of time with people who already showed us that they were not loyal, honest, or reliable. As a result, we allow all of these negative experiences to dictate our future relationships.  Give the gift of friendship to those who have shown themselves to be trustworthy.

From One Sister to Another:
There was a saying “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words never hurt.” I have found this to be a lie because many people are still hurting because of negative words that have been said about or to them.  Our words are powerful, and it is important to be very thoughtful about what is coming out of our mouth. I have heard many say that I am going to keep it ” 1 00″ or real with you. It is very possible to be direct and to state what you feel without being demeaning and rude. My sister, I want you to remember to use the power of your words to uplift others around you!

From One Sister to Another:
I want you to win now!  That means so many different things to so many different people, but I believe you can supersede the examples you have seen in your environment. I could not wait to write you this letter because I want you to seize every opportunity that is given to you. This notion that someone “owes ” us something and that we do not have to work hard, is not true. In addition, this “mean girl approach,” where you say whatever you want to others without thinking and it is expected that people be just supposed to deal with you, will not work in most settings. When someone is willing to genuinely help you move forward, you should approach that person with humility and gratitude. They do not have to help you! Be ready to learn.   No matter how gifted you are no one wants to deal with someone who is entitled. That type of attitude gives off an off-putting fragrance that is a turn off to many.

Interview with April Henderson

What inspired you to write your book, A Letter to You?
My inspiration to write this book came partly from my own struggle of losing my brother at the age of sixteen. When I lost my brother, I was depressed, suicidal, and had an identity crisis- I wondered who I was now that he was gone. This was a very difficult and devastating time for me, and on top of that, I still had to deal with the dynamics of being a teen. Moreover, my inspiration came from leading a team while working with girls who were victims of sexual trafficking. I would have Tuesday Chats with the girls, and they could talk to me about anything. What I noticed during this time was that the girls shared many of the same issues. No matter the location where I worked, whether in the school system, in the church, at the homeless shelters, or with my current organization, there were common issues that all girls dealt with. I saw my “teen self” in these girls. From that point on, I thought about all the other girls who needed support, encouragement and guidance- and that is how the book came about.

What can readers take away from your book?
Readers can expect to be encouraged, empowered, enlightened and inspired as they navigate their everyday lives. They will be challenged to grow and evolve overall as a person.

Does your book have a lesson? A moral?
The letters are written from the perspective of an older sister/mentor talking to a younger sister/mentee. Each letter offers meaningful advice and key insights that will help encourage, educate, empower and inspire girls as they navigate through life.

What is your favorite letter in this book, and why?
In all 50 letters, there is a section that states, “ From One Sister to Another”. This is where I inform the readers that I can relate to them. This is my favorite part because I believe that ultimately all people want to be understood. I try to communicate to the readers that “ I feel you, girl! You are not alone!”

Are you planning to write other books?
I certainly am! I am already working on my next book! I feel like there is space for my voice in the world, and I am filled with stories and messages that I believe will resonate with others.

What’s a cool/interesting fact about yourself?
Although I am truly a girly girl, there is still an inner tomboy inside of me. I am at home hanging with the girls sometimes, and the fellows as well!

What is some advice you would give aspiring or first-time authors?

You don’t have to have all the answers before you start. Allow that creative flow to express itself naturally. If you only have a sentence at first, write it down! If you only have an idea, write it down! If you cannot write it down, record it so that when you are ready to write, you will remember it. Just get started! Just do it! One sentence will turn into two, and before you know it, you’ll have a paragraph. There is no perfect time, so you must start now. Take it from me a wife, mother of two small children and a professional. You can do it!

April Henderson is a native of Atlanta, GA. Born to Anthony and Pauline Watson, April is married to Dedric Henderson and they are the proud parents of Kiyla Chanel and Quentin Carnell Henderson. April obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Education with a minor in Leadership and Administration from Beulah Heights University in 2003. She continued her education at Strayer University where she earned a Masters in Education in 2006.

April’s life was marked by tragedy at the age of sixteen, when her brother who was just seventeen years old, suddenly died from a heart attack. It was this tragic experience that gave her a clear focus and allowed her to discover the purpose for her life. April has been a youth advocate since the age of 16, often speaking up for those who are voiceless. She often states, “ I know God left me here for a reason. My life has purpose! I am here to make a difference and be a change agent wherever I go!” April has served in the Clayton County Public School System where she worked in the Special Education Department for both middle and high schools. She also led a team as the Educational/Vocational Coordinator at Covenant House Georgia, a youth agency that serves homeless and at-risk males and females between the ages of 16-21. It was while working here that April began to really see the deep need for guidance amongst girls.
“I am called to the ones who are hopeless and whose lives look very bleak
and uncertain. I have been there and I know how to walk out of that dark pit
of despair and I want to lead other youth out as well! There is hope!”

It was this deep conviction and passion that led April to start The Restoration Home, a non-profit organization that offers mentoring programs and workshops/seminars for girls. With the mission to protect, educate, empower and inspire girls, April has had the opportunity to impact a host of girls with her organization and by speaking at schools, churches, commencement ceremonies and youth conferences.

Recently, April served at Wellspring Living, Inc. as Program Coordinator for the Girls Residential Program, serving girls ages 12-17. She gave leadership to a staff of over 30 employees where the mission was to help domestic minor sex-trafficking victims and at-risk youth in developing the courage to move forward and the confidence to succeed.

For her work and unwavering commitment to the empowerment and mentorship of girls and women, April was awarded the Unsung Jewel Award by Jewels of Georgia, Inc. in June 2016.

April recently published her first book, “ A Letter to You”, a book geared towards empowering teen girls and young women. The book is comprised of letters written from a mentor to mentee perspective, or an older sister to a younger sibling and covers different topics including: self-image, relationships and life skills, amongst others.

April desires to continue living out her purpose of inspiring girls through many facets. For more information or to book April for your next event, contact her at or follow her on Facebook at Author April Henderson’s Page @ACHenderson2 for updates and more!


Dear Readers:
So much to talk about this week!  I'm busy working on the releases of UNDER A TEXAS STAR and COLD HARBOR.  But that doesn't mean things are quiet.

First off, like many of you who have been stuck inside the house all winter, I'm being drawn outside by nicer weather.  Not every day.  But those occasional warm days that hit 60 or 70 degrees have me wanting to walk through my gardens and see what flowers are starting to pop up out of the ground.  And if you're like me, if the weather turns warm, even if it's March, I'm in flip flops.  Boots in the winter time.  Flip flops in the summer.  I gave up high heels long ago after years of dancing in clubs in 3 inch heels!

Despite the warm weather calling out to me, there is a lot of work going on around here.  But I did want to tell you about some fantastic deals that you will not want to miss!  

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Kevin Gordon didn't make mistakes, but he'd made a big one in letting Daria's ex slip through his fingers. Although he tried to make it very clear to Daria that the fixer upper home she considered a palace was no safe haven, she just dug in deeper and insisted on staying, leaving him no choice but to be her protector. Left on her own, she surely faced murder at an assassin's hand. But can Kevin spend every waking hour sleeping on her doorstep just to keep this stubborn woman alive without risking his heart to love? 

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On Conversations: #AAMBC #author Antreina E. Stone

Please join me in welcoming author Antreina E. Stone to Conversations today! Antreina is here to talk about her new novel, Pole-Date Or Soul-Mate: Esther’s Story, Volume One! So be sure and check out the cover, blurb and excerpt below! And don't forget to check out her interview too and get to know Antreina E. Stone.

Lisa ~


Volume One

Esther’s Story began when her husband Daniel asked her to join him for dinner. What an awesome jester, she thought. While dining a stranger approached and asked if her name was Esther? “Yes,” she replied. Daniel excused himself from the table and never returned.

How could he? As she unfolded the papers, the stranger handed her. Why was she being served with divorce papers?   She was always on all fours at his beckon call. She’d done more for Daniel than herself.  How could she never saw it coming? Was she living in denial? As she continued to question herself; she felt she’d been blindsided and suckered punched in the face which knocked her in a state of depression.  Esther finds herself feeling lonely, anxiously wanting to know if she had what it took to get a man.

Reading Pole-Date or Soul-Mate will open your eyes to what’s going on inside. The author speaks heart to heart to open minded women, who believe they are worthy of love and are willing to change their outlook to find their ideal soul mate. Watch as the door to your heart opens for your Soul-Mate, and the Pole-Date (who is a dressed-up penis) uproots itself from your life and moves on.


Excerpt from Pole-Date Or Soul Mate: Esther's Story

She remembered a time when she’d been on all fours just to please her husband, how she’d bent over backward for this man who she thought loved her. Why hadn’t she seen it coming?  Was she that na├»ve? What would happen once she turned 50? (Which would be all too soon.) How would she handle getting older and being alone? The thoughts began to frighten her. She was still desirable (or at least she thought so), but did she still have what it took to get a man?

Interview with Antreina E. Stone

How did you come up with the title:  Pole-Date or Soul-Mate?

Women that I know were hurting because of outside sexual interferences that caused their marriage to end in a divorce.

What is the illustrated male anatomy all about on the cover?

I didn’t want readers to judge the book by the title and assume the book is about Pole-Dancing.

What is the message you want people to receive when they read your book?

God created a suitable mate, not a perfect one.

Why do you think there are so many failed relationships?

The conditions that once existed changed.  People fail to recognize their promise.  Married or not. Your word is your bond. I’ve heard many women say, “They’re no good men?” How do you feel? It’s how you define the word good.  Good love making, good at taking care of you or a good God fearing man or woman. First, the person should ask. What is good? And remember, to replace the word good with adequate.

When will Volume Two be available?

My plans are to publish it by fall 2017.

What are your plans for the future?

Hosting live events and discussions to encourage women to put on their big girl panties and ease on down the road to become Powerful, Purposeful and Productive.

What message would you like to deliver to our audience?

To let women know they’re the gift. Think about who they are gifting themselves to.

Antreina E. Stone is an entrepreneur and self-published author.  Antreina started her journey as an entrepreneur when she opened Antreina’s Earrings in 1989, where she designed and manufactured clip on earrings, sold online at and various boutiques. Antreina’s also the founder of Get More in Life Coaching, LLC with her husband, Louis Stone. She published her first book in 2013 titled: Are You A Starving Artist? Who’s an Artist? Everyone!

Her second book published on January 5, 2017, titled: Pole-Date Or Soul-Mate: Esther’s Story Volume One. Today, Antreina specializes in helping women evolve from a divorce or failed relationships to become Powerful, Purposeful and Productive and connect with their Soul-mate while having the strength to stay away from pole-dating through one-on-one coaching and inspirational nature chats.

Social Media:
Twitter: @antreinas

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