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It is my pleasure to welcome AAMBookclub Author Patrice Tartt to Conversations today. She's here to talk about her new release, Wounds of Deception. So, check out the blurb and excerpt below, and get to know Patrice by checking out her bio too.

Lisa ~


Christie Whitfield-Adams has the picture-perfect life: a husband who loves her, a thriving career, stop-in-your-tracks good looks, and an undeniable bond with her father, Kenneth. In a nutshell, Christie’s living the typical American dream. When her father mysteriously falls gravely ill, his two sisters step up and begin to care for him while Christie puts life as she knows it on pause to be by her father’s bedside. However, when Kenneth’s sisters begin acting strangely, just as things take a turn for the worse, Christie must put her grief to the side to figure out the mystery starring her in her face.

While Christie struggles with her own personal grief, she learns the many secrets that those closest to her worked hard to keep buried. There’s missing money, missing personal items and, worse of all, there’s deception being painted as “love”. Layer by layer, Christie begins to uncover exactly who had been for her father and who had been for betraying him and his legacy. Will the realization of what she once thought was perfect send Christie running in pain, or will she be ready to bandage up her Wounds of Deception?

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     “How was your drive?” Kenneth asked as he took his eyes off the large gathering of people at the picnic shed.
     Christie shrugged and took a deep breath, “Long, as usual. But I’m glad to see you. Glad to be here.”
     Kenneth grinned widely, showing all of his pearly whites and a dimple on the right cheek. “All your cousins have been asking when you were going to get here. You would think they were waiting on Oprah the way they kept checking the parking lot,” he said with a wink.
     “Hey, hey!” Christie said as she poked him jokingly in the side, “I’m Oprah to somebody.”
     Kenneth playfully dodged Christie’s poking and pulled her back into a tight hug.
     “You know you are your daddy’s Oprah. You’re my superstar, baby girl,” he said as he planted a long kiss on her forehead and started walking towards the shed where the music, laughter, and glorious smells were coming from.
     Christie loved her father and he undeniably loved her back. Looking at the two of them was almost like seeing double but you would never get the two of them to agree to that statement. Their skin resembled a perfectly toasted almond.
     While Kenneth had a smile that could charm a rattlesnake, Christie had a sparkle in her eye that would make that same rattlesnake blush. As a child, Christie would stare at her handsome father for hours on end trying to find the similitude between them. He was tall, a tad lanky and always kept a neat haircut. His piercing eyes were light brown like small pools of honey that made you feel like he could see straight through to a person’s soul in once glance. Yet Christie on the other hand, was curvy without being overweight and of average height for a woman, yet not as tall as her father. Her hazel eyes drew people into her every time. Still, in every other way they were almost identical.
     “You have my nose and my eye shape,” Kenneth said one day while Christie sat Indian-style on the living room floor of his apartment playing with her Barbie doll. She usually spent her weekends with her father, and whenever he addressed her, she listened intensely to every word he said.

Patrice Tartt is a hybrid of resiliency and passion topped off with cherry-on-top ambition. As a graduate of both Fisk University (B.A. in Psychology) and Trevecca Nazarene University (M.S. in Management), Patrice has always been motivated to reach higher levels while simultaneously motivating others to do the same. After dealing with the unexpected death of her father in 2011, Patrice was led to seek therapy through writing. Unknowingly, Patrice’s therapeutic writing sessions led to the completion of her debut novel “Wounds of Deception”, which allowed her to tell a tangled story of hurt, anger and confusion while also healing. The Milwaukee, Wisconsin native, who is also an avid blogger and traveler, has a desire to educate and entertain through her writing- discussing seldom talked about topics like family betrayal, health issues, and the aftermath of pain- with a creative twist. Prior to becoming a published author and contributing writer for the wellness section and digital magazine for Everything Girls Love, LLC, Patrice worked as an IT analyst and consultant. Patrice is an active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated and supporter of the Amyloidosis Foundation in which she advocates and raises awareness for this rare disease mentioned in her novel. Patrice currently resides in the Washington, D.C. metro area with her young son. Her debut novel, “Wounds of Deception”, was published in September 2013 under her publishing company, Patrice Tartt Publishing, LLC.

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On Conversations: #vampire #author #Guy D. Ogan

Please welcome author, Guy D. Ogan! He's here to talk about his Immortal Relations books and the story behind the story. Be sure and check out his interview too and get to know Guy. And don't forget to leave a comment because Guy's giving away a digital copy of his second book, Immortal Relations, Love and War to one lucky commenter!

Lisa ~


While Maggie and Evy hope things have settled down, events have a way of foiling the best of intentions. Death stalks a close friend, but our vampires can help him cheat death if he will accept the offer. His expertise is vital as international events are about to happen that only this old friend can solve! Greed is at the bottom of so many of histories problems, and this book shows just how greedy some governments, rogue OPEC Ministers and terrorists can be and the troubles they can cause. Who is available to thwart their greed and what about the ecological disasters of the impending failure of Chernobyl's containment cap and possible reactor collapse at Fukushima, Japan. When the reactor building at Fukushima falls, a possible "Extenction Level Event" has been predicted! Our heroes will help, if their help will be accepted!

Purchase Links:
Immortal Relations, Love and War (Book 2) on Amazon / Barnes and Noble

Immortal Relations (Book 1) 

Immortal Relations, Coming Out (Book 2)

Immortal Relations Excerpt:

     The sky was starting to clear and looked as if the day would be clear and bright. At that time of morning, since it was Sunday, there were very few vehicles on the road. My driver slowed to a stop and pointed out the Old Town Hall through his windshield. Then he said, "Hotel...very soon," and in seconds he had stopped his cab at the curb by the hotel's front entrance. I got out with my bags and held out paper money and coins to pay for the trip. He took what he needed; I thanked him and waved as he drove off.
     At the front desk, I arranged for a room and took the stairs to the third floor. I was still very early, but I wanted to start looking around, so I just dropped my bags by the bed, went back to the first floor and walked the short distance back to the Old Town Hall. The sidewalks were deserted; the only traffic I saw, as I walked, was a cab and an almost empty bus. Getting out my picture, I looked everywhere for other pedestrians, but it seemed too early, and I saw no one else anywhere in the area. I held the picture up high, walking around, and closely compared both the architecture and the angle from which the photograph had been taken. As I looked at the windows, I noted one that gave me a reflected view of the other side of the road. There, on the opposite side which had been empty only seconds ago, someone was suddenly standing; but I was sure there hadn't been anyone there a second before. Seeing her, dressed like a high fashion model, in a light blue, lacy, scalloped, and layered, yet shape-hugging haut-couture, dress, I gasped; My God she was stunningly beautiful! I'd seen pictures of "Hollywood starlets" and "super models" and I knew the Czechs had several of  these, such as the lovely Paulina Porizkova and Petra Nemcova, and I thought this had to be one of them. But just as suddenly as she appeared, she vanished! I thought she might have moved, and I'd missed it, so I turned to look and found myself starring into a pair of eyes with nearly black irises. Automatically, my head jerked back; the vision of loveliness I'd seen across the street was mere inches from me. She said, "Excuse me; I didn't mean to startle you!" Then she smiled the most brilliant smile I'd ever seen, my knees felt like rubber as I started to fall back, but her hand shot out, grabbing my arm to keep me upright. The power in her arm surprised me, and my heart raced, but I couldn't tell if it was from almost failing or the close proximity of such a beauty. After I felt like I could stand on my own, she introduced herself as Magdalena Dvora'k, saying she had seen me looking at a photograph and asked if I'd been to Prague before.
     When I told her the picture was taken of my father standing near this building many years before, she asked to see it and I handed it to her. Without skipping a beat, she said "Doug Logan." If my legs had been rubber before, now they were Jelly! Dazed, I staggered back with her hand back on my arm, and I leaned against the wall of the building. Her gaze transfixed me as she looked deeply into my own brown eyes. It seemed as if she were God's own angel assigned to test and weigh my soul, but for how long I didn't know.
     Once I'd regained some composure I said, "How...how could you know my father's name?"

The Story Behind the Story

When I was little my mother said some things that I didn't understand, things like "He is over there with that woman." At one point she even asked me what I would think if she divorced my father. I think all little boys are defensive of their mothers and I told her if he hurt her, she should. As I grew, I "forgot" all about that, as they never divorced. Now that I look back on it, they probably stayed together "for the children" or in the case of our family "the child" since I had no siblings. Being young, I never thought it odd that they slept in separate rooms. I had retired from the Air Force and was working for the State of Texas about four and a half hours away from where they lived when I got the call that my father had died. Knowing my disabled mother needed care, I set in motion my retirement from my job in Huntsville, Texas and went to care for my mother who stated that she wished to remain in her home. I was the single caregiver for her for her for the next five years. She had given me life and cared for me all those years, I felt honored that I could do something for her. After she passed away from Alzheimer's I had the daunting task of going through all the many, many file cabinets my father had. These weren't the small lightweight cabinets found at discount stores; these were tall and deep, seven drawer, lockable, government style file cabinets stuffed to bursting with papers back as far as the 1930s. When I finally got the last drawer cleaned out I had over 50 of the largest heavy duty trash bags overflowing. Looking into the bottom drawer, I saw one small item. Yellow from age with coffee cup half and full moon stains an abandoned envelop was all that remained. Grabbing it, I felt that it had something inside it, something flat, small and lightweight. Had I just thrown it in the trash, I wonder if my life might have gone on without ever writing a novel, let alone a series. Being curious, I opened the envelop finding a very old photograph of my father as a younger man standing in front of a strange looking building with a large clock face on the outside. I flipped the picture over and saw my father's handwriting, "Prague Czechoslovakia." Had I just glanced at it and threw it away…oh well, I didn't, instead I looked closely and saw the feminine handwriting on the lower half of the photo which said, "I'll always be waiting here." Suddenly, what my mother had said all those many years before came rushing back and the photo proved that my late father had had an affair while stationed in Czechoslovakia, or the Czech Republic as it is now known. This event is what started me writing the novels and the photograph is shown on page two of "Immortal Relations" that is what spurred me to start the series. My character travels to where "his" father had worked and had the tryst and there he meets a captivating lady. It doesn't take long before he realizes she isn't "normal," nor is love long in blooming between the two (like they say, "love conquers all"). The story is full of action as the man trades in his human life to be with the woman he loves "literally more than life itself." He becomes one of the guardian vampires whose duty it is to guard humans and animals from evil.

Interview with Guy D. Ogan 

When did you first start write?

In my youth I'd written articles on various long distance running events I participated in. Then, in the military, I did a great deal of technical writing and continued technical writing in my work for the Prison System in the State of Texas. I'd also written many articles and sent pictures about car shows I attended; however, if anyone had said I'd someday write adult paranormal-romance novels I would have laughed at them. Like most men I believed that "Romance Novels" were all "tear-jerkers" & "mushy stuff" that some women like." I didn't realize how encompassing the romance genre' was, or how extremely interesting most of the books are!

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

A: I’m a retired Air Force Major. I have a pair of graduate degrees unfortunately not in English or Literature. I’m also retired from a second “calling” as a psychologist with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice where I evaluated inmates for various treatment programs and in another area of work actually wrote treatment programs for overcoming addictions.

Tell us a little about your current project?

The third novel in the series, "Immortal Relations Coming Out" has an unexpected run-in with a shape-shifter wolf. The story is full of political intrigue where forces are at work that threaten the peaceful coven of guardian vampires. Attempts are made to destroy the entire group as well as assassination attempts on Gary. Media "spin doctors" lie about the dangers posed by the guardian vampires in order to gain support for abrogation of the Constitution and Bill of Rights and the imposing of Marshal Law. Additional full vampire births are recorded and in addition to saving the lives of a large segment of the population in Cayuga, Canada, a couple of injured dogs are given a second chance at a good life during a honeymoon trip to and from Las Vegas.

What is the craziest thing you've done to research a story idea?


Most men are not as well versed on the female anatomy as they probably should be in order to provide pleasure to their partner, myself included. In the first book in the series, "Immortal Relations" there are some rather erotic scenes of "explicit togetherness." I had to do some research on Google because of my lack of knowledge in this area of anatomy.

Everyone always wants to know about a writer's writing space.  What's yours like?

When my father-in-law passed away (he was a really great friend to me), my wife and I asked her mother to come and live with us. We had an addition to the house constructed to provide her a bedroom, bathroom, large walk-in closet and a sewing nook (the latter was 46" by 52" just big enough for a swivel chair on rollers & the sewing machine she used that sat on a built-in-shelf. She lived with us for about 15 years (a marvelous lady - greatly missed). Several years after she passed away, after my own mother passed away, I needed a  place to put my computer and this small alcove came to mind...my wife calls in my "hermit cave" as I will hide out in there every chance I get to do E-Mails and write my novels. It is stacked with books and articles containing some of the research I do for my writing, among other things that pile-up in there.
Do you write every day?  Every week?  Odd times?

I write whenever I have a chance. My wife likes me to be with her when she is home so my writing is done during the part-time job she has or when she is off doing something with her sister or one of her other friends (she calls it "hiding-out in my hermit cave").

When you get deep into a project, how do you balance your time between work and family?

My lovely wife makes sure I don't hibernate in my hermit cave...if she is home, she will roust me out of it, she knows if she doesn't I'll stay in there writing all day and all night!  LOL

What was the most exciting thing that has happened in your career so far?  

My "Immortal Relations Series" is totally unique among the vampire genre' (or so I've been told). As with humans there are good vampires and evil vampires, the good vampires have funeral homes where the little blood they need is obtained (still following strict funerary procedures)...I'm told this technique is something new I've added to the genre'. Of course the evil vampires try to get all the blood they can, the old fashioned "Bram Stoker" vampire way. My vampires do their best to stop them, fight human criminals and resist government take overs by evil politicians, seeking to enslave the people. All that said, the most exciting thing, after writing my stories, has been the book signings I've had. There is little I've enjoyed more that discussing my characters and their actions in the novels as well as comparing them to other, more traditional vampire stories with readers who attend the book signings. This Halloween, I'm doing a book signing IN COSTUMN at the Hastings Bookstore in Abilene, Texas. I'm pretty sure a "fun time shall be had by all!" LOL

Did you draw upon your military background in writing the series?

Definitely, in the first book, an evil vampire gang makes a frontal assault on the guardian vampires' compound and a secondary attack on military units to gain "converts" and heavy weapons to use against the good vampires. When the evil vampires go after nuclear weapons in England, will they be successful? When the evil vampires seek to steal biological weapons from old Soviet stockpiles what will happen to the human race. As you will see, I use the tactical and strategic knowledge gained during my military career in both books. The second picks up where the first leaves off by offering one of the heroes of the first book the chance to beat the cancer threatening his life.
Do you use any “present day” threats or concerns within your series?

Absolutely. In the second book in the series, there is a terrorist attack to decapitates the leadership of the Russian Federation. Suddenly the human friend the guardians are offering their help to overcome his cancer is thrust into his county's leadership role and subjected to an ambush. Rather than isolated terrorist attacks these have been a prelude to an invasion of Siberia by Communist China seeking vast oil and mineral reserves as well as land for their burgeoning population; is another major power in cahoots with the Chinese? Will the Chinese be successful in their theft or will The Russian Federation respond militarily, perhaps resulting in a nuclear war? Greedy OPEC ministers unhappy over cheaper Siberian oil driving down their over-inflated rates decide to use terrorists to stop it's distribution. If those dangers were not enough, there are two "real world" threats, the failing, 25 year old, cap over the Chernobyl Reactor will release deadly radiation again at any moment and the collapse of the reactor building at Fukushima, Japan has been called a potential Extinction Level Event . With all the non-stop action it seems amazing that there could be the opportunity to create additional full vampire offspring yet as has been proven with our loving vampires, anything can happen.  Book three has political intrigue as a rogue regime in Washington seeks to eliminate the threat they believe the good vampires pose to their grasping for absolute power. As some of the vampire children mature, there are relationships started and one is with a shape shifter- wolf (who has no idea he possesses that genetic abnormality until it happens). My love for small animals comes out in all three books.
I offer a comment published on Amazon by one of those who bought the book: "Being a bit of a vampire-phile, I find myself constantly searching for the next vampire series to reach out and grab, or, more appropriately, bite me. I believe I have found my holy grail of vampire novels. You see, the Vlad books are typically a bit gory for my tastes, while the Twilight series is campy, sophomoric, and I feel, is most appealing to teenage girls. Mr. Ogan has delivered a tale at breakneck speed, one that jumps out of the starting gate and never loses steam. A tale filled with life lessons, love, sex, action and adventure. Complete with new insights into the powers of the immortal vamps, and fresh takes on the complex inner workings of their existence. From page 1 until the very end, Immortal Relations promises to have you on the edge of your seat and begging for more..."

Guy Ogan ran track and cross-country at Los Altos High School and Foothill Junior College in California and at Texas Christian University. He retired as a Major from the United States Air Force, also retiring from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice as a Psychologist. He holds two graduate degrees in Counseling Psychology and Counseling and Human Development from Ball State University and Hardin-Simmons University and has taught Counseling, Psychology and Sociology at the college and university level.

Connect with the author:

NEW RELEASE by Lisa Mondello HER DAKOTA MAN Available now!

Everyone knows that the Dakotas didn’t get the name Badlands for nothing.  Harsh weather and rough living are a way of life.  But single dad, Logan McKinnon, had seen more than his share of bad times after the death of his wife a year ago.  The last thing he needs is Poppy Erickson, an old flame and his late wife’s best friend, showing up unannounced to help after devastating floods nearly washed away their hometown.  With no place to stay in town, he has no choice but to offer her a bed at his house.  But can he live under the same roof with a woman he’d once loved passionately without feeling he’s betraying his late wife?

Poppy Erickson had spent the year wondering how all their lives might have been different after hearing the death bed confession of her childhood friend.  She’d left South Dakota years ago because she couldn’t bear to watch the man she loved loving another woman.  But now she knows the truth.  She’ll keep the promise she made to a friend, but will Logan understand when he learns the truth?  More important, can they again recapture the passion that had been between them all those years ago?


AMAZON: http://amzn.to/GUTB3P

BARNES AND NOBLE:  http://bit.ly/19F7KbJ  



One look on Logan McKinnon’s face told Poppy that his foul mood had very little to do with the devastating destruction all around the Badlands of South Dakota…and everything to do with her showing up in town after nearly ten years. 
She didn’t have to be standing next to him to feel his anger simmering just below the surface of his composure.  Sitting in her rental sedan was close enough.  What the hell was she thinking coming back home?  Why had she made that ridiculous promise to Kelly?
She parked the car next to his truck and took a deep breath, mumbling under her breath as she pulled the door handle, “This may just turn out to be the stupidest thing you have ever done, girl.”
Truth was, even as pissed off as Logan looked, he was still an amazing sight to see.  Part of her had hoped that she was wrong.  That she’d gotten over him a long time ago.  That she’d take one look at him, make sure he and Keith were okay, and be able to get back in her car and drive right to the airport in Rapids City.
He turned to her, standing tall and proud.  His thick dark hair blew in the March wind, fluttering around his face and making him all the more strikingly handsome.
Yep.  Stupid.
 He was taller than she’d remembered, and he’d long since lost that too-lean teenage body that had driven her crazy in her youth.  He worked hard on his ranch and it showed in how much his arms and chest had filled with muscles.
Despite the cold, he’d taken off his jacket while he worked in the yard and Poppy had a clear view of just how much his male body had filled out in places she’d dreamed of touching.
Lord, help her.  She was in trouble.  And she hadn’t even stepped out of the car yet.  She pushed the door open and stepped outside to get it over with.  It was either going to be the shortest visit on record…or a life changing experience she’d been dreaming of ever since she was a teenager.
“Hi, Logan.”
Logan starred at he for a long, agonizing moment.  She read the emotional tug of war playing on his face as the sudden chill from the South Dakota winds bit into her exposed skin like a whip.
Then his expression turned hard.  “What are you doing here?”
He must have heard the car drive up.  But Logan’s four-year-old son, Keith, remained focused on the mud puddle he was poking a stick into to even notice anyone was around. That was good.  The next few minutes would go easier for both of them if Keith weren’t aware of the tension.
Logan stared at her as if he’d been startled.  Or maybe too focused on making sure his four-year old son, Keith, was safely playing nearby to notice her car had driven up. 
Or perhaps he’d been too pre-occupied with assessing the damage the recent angry South Dakota weather had done to his property.  Poppy had seen just how Mother Nature had shown no mercy to her childhood town as she drove from the airport to the ranch.  She couldn’t exactly blame Logan for being in a foul mood because of that.   
Seeing her was just the icing on the cake.  
“What the hell are you doing here, Poppy?” he repeated.
She took in a deep breath, smelled the muddy earth and decay all around her, and said, “I came to help.”
He took one long look at her, from her high-heeled boots, up the length of her legs, pausing at her hips. She could almost feel his eyes as if he were staring at the flesh beneath her fresh pair of blue jeans. When his gaze finally reached her face again, she slid her sunglasses to the tip of her nose and stared right back at him in challenge.  A slow smile played on her lips.  She could never last as long at this as Logan before caving into laughter.  But she knew Logan was in no laughing mood.
Poppy Ericksen.  Rudolph was practically washed off the map from all that rain we had?  After all this time, what makes you think I need anything from you?”
Even though his voice was even, she could tell he was still pissed. But he’d never show it.  Keith was still poking at the mud and puddles on the driveway just a little ways away, completely unaware of present company. 
“What’s the matter, Logan?  You don’t look happy to see me,” Poppy said, pulling her sunglasses off her face with a wary smile.
~ ~ ~

AMAZON: http://amzn.to/GUTB3P

BARNES AND NOBLE:  http://bit.ly/19F7KbJ  

Please keep checking back in the next week when I will have links to order the rest of the series.

Dakota Hearts includes:

Her Dakota Man
Badland Bride
Dakota Heat
Wild Dakota Heart
His Dakota Bride

On Conversations: #Interview with #AAMBookclub #Author #Lakisha Johnson

It is my pleasure to welcome AAMBookclub Author Lakisha Johnson to Conversations today. She's here to talk about her new release, A Secret Worth Keeping. Be sure and check out the excerpt and her interview below and get to know Lakisha.

Lisa ~


Shelby is a career woman turned housewife who enjoys the friendships that have been built with her 5 best friends; Camille, Lynesha, Raylin, Kerri and Chloe. They are all career women with different businesses or careers, husbands and even children but something is missing, something they can’t find at home, in a store or even in a book. So, they search for this missing piece in the beds, arms, cars, offices and even in storage rooms of other men who don’t mind paying for what Dem Dam Divas can offer. They enjoy the thrill of sneaking, creeping and even vacationing on someone else’s dime but what happens when it all becomes too much? From being found guilty with no evidence, secretly wanting someone who doesn’t want you, loving only to not be loved back, caught up in a dream that you’re about to be awaken from; will it be worth it in the end? Will their secret lives be revealed and will it become too much to handle? Will they regret their actions or stand by them? Will they finally question whether this secret is really worth keeping?

Amazon / Barnes and Noble / AAMBC

Excerpt (explicit sensuality):

     “Good morning, Ray; Mr. Johnson is waiting to see you in his office.”
     Thanks Ashley, I said. I knocked on the door that was already slightly open. “Hey, you wanted to see me?” He motioned for me to come in while he finished up a call. Once he hung up, he looked at me with the slight hint of an attitude and said, “Yea, since I didn’t hear from you this weekend!”
     “Oh, do I detect an attitude?  Seeing that I am not your wife, I don’t have to check in.”
     He said, “You may not be my wife but I pay you like you are!”
     “Yea, you pay because it’s worth every dollar and I do the things your wife doesn’t. Now, if you don’t want anything I have some work to do.”
     He grabbed me by the arm before I could move and pushed me up against his desk. He pushed the intercom, “Yes, Mr. Johnson;” said Ashley.
     “Ray and I will be busy for the next 30 minutes, no interruptions!” he barked.
      “Yes sir,” she said.
      He pushed up my pencil skirt and ran his fingers between my legs, surprised that I had no panties on as he hurriedly tried to undo his pants.
     “Slow down baby, she ain’t going nowhere.”
     “I know but dam, she’s so hot and wet!” he said.
      “Yea I know but remember we are at work and I don’t need you screaming like a girl!”
     He laughed and said, “Then put something in my mouth to shut me up.” I, of course obliged.
     I pulled my skirt the rest of the way up, pushed myself back on his desk and spread my legs wide enough for his head to nestle right in between them. I wanted him to get all the glory of my freshly shaved candy box and his tongue hit the bull’s eye on the first try and I was in Heaven. He parted my lips and sucked like he was trying to find how many licks until he got to the tootsie roll center!
     “Oh my God!” is all I could say as I grabbed this man by the head.  As I begin to have an orgasm out of this world, he stood and I took every inch of his long, thick cock as I wrapped my legs around his back.  I put my hands on his ass and I pushed until I made sure I had it all.
     “Dam girl!” he said as I laid back a little further to make sure he was feeling every bit of me. Oh, don’t get me wrong; I love this sex but I won’t let him see it. I grabbed his arms and rocked with him until we both came together.
     “Baby, you will make a man sign over his company for that shit!”
     “Yea, I know. Consider that a thank you for our trip this weekend,” I said as I walked out passed Ashley smiling before he even had a chance to respond. 


Who is Lakisha Johnson?

I am a 36 year old young lady, who is married with 2 children. I am the product of a large crazy family and I was born and raised in Memphis, TN. I am always on the go but I find time to write and read, which are 2 hobbies I love.

What made you want to become an author?

Writing or becoming an author isn’t something I set out to do but it is something that I’ve now found, I am destined to do.  Writing is a passion and a gift that God has blessed me with and because of that it has become something greater than I could have ever imagined which is why I can now call myself an author.

Is this your first book and do you see yourself writing anymore?

No, this isn’t my first book but it is my first published book. My first book is a self-published book that is entitled, “Doses of Devotion” and it’s simply a book of encouragement.  Yes, I do see myself writing many more books because this is only the beginning for me.

Why did you choose to write a fiction after a devotional?

It was actually a spur of the moment thing. I was sitting at home one night looking at some recent pictures from a sleepover with my sisters and aunt and this idea popped in my head. So, I grabbed my computer and began writing and it was fairly easy because I took some of the personality traits from my sisters, aunt and friends and the words just begin to flow.

Why did you choose the name, “A Secret Worth Keeping?”

I chose this title because everyone is always eager to hear a secret.  I know it may be hard to believe but if you want to grab anyone’s attention; call, text or email them and tell them you have a secret to share and they will drop everything to hear it.

Is this book based on real life events?

No, everything that is in this book is my imagination. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am sure there are a lot of women who can relate, who have probably been in one of these situations or know someone who has but no, this isn’t based on real life.

What do you want your readers to get out of this book?

That a secret can bring complete chaos in any situation so choose your secrets or even the secrets you want to keep wisely because at any given time, they can blow up in your face.

LaKisha Johnson is a girl after God’s own heart; doing what she believes to be her purpose...writing.  In addition to being a self-published author, she’s also a wife of 15 years, mother of 2 and native of Memphis, TN. She comes from a huge family and has always been the go to girl whenever someone needed a poem written or read, an acknowledgement that would convey just what they were thinking or even an occasion written for that special day. She’s an all-around talented lady that makes everything she touch turn to gold. She has 2 degrees from Southwest TN Community College both in Information Technology and has worked in the corporate field for over 15 years. She is also a dedicated blogger, delivering a devotional blog 5 days per week titled, “Kisha’s Daily Devotionals.”

LaKisha wants readers of her books to step outside the box and read with imagination.  She wants them reeled in from the front cover to the last word, enjoying every second in between, asking for more.  She doesn’t proclaim to be the best writer or even author in the world, she just proclaims to be blessed because her motto is, “God’s purpose is bigger than any problem!”

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NEW RELEASE from #author and #cancersurvivor #lindabarrett

Hopefully Ever After by Linda Barrett

A two-time breast cancer survivor takes you behind the scenes--medically and emotionally--as she twice battles for her life. With her husband at her side, this memoir is a true love story. The cancer is not sugar-coated, but here it is merely the vehicle that exposes a marriage in full bloom. Everyone deserves a Hopefully Ever After, and that's what you'll find here.

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Linda started writing to entertain herself during long winters in New England. Her poems, short stories and family memoirs—all emotional fare—filled a binder and made her happy. On a lark she submitted one of her short stories to a national contest sponsored by Writers Digest magazine where it competed against almost 2000 other entries. To her great delight, the story placed in the top ten.  Now, she wanted to write a novel. She quickly learned she needed help.

She joined professional writing organizations including Romance Writers of America. Workshops, seminars, critique groups followed. She built a reference library on the craft of writing. In her own words: “I studied and worked so hard, I could have earned a Master’s in Writing by now!”

Five years later, her first book was released, followed up by a dozen more in the Harlequin Superromance series. Her books have earned many industry awards such as the Holt Medallion, Write Touch Reader’s Award, and the Award of Excellence.



On Conversations: #vampire #author #JesseKimmel-Freeman

Please welcome the multi-talented, Jesse Kimmel-Freeman! She's here to talk about writing, memorable moments, and vampire culture. Check it out!

Lisa ~

Greetings all you ghouls out there. I’d like to take a moment to thank Lisa for having me. Thank you, Lisa! I know just how hard it is to keep up with blogs! Anyways, what I wanted to talk to you guys about today are vampires! You heard me right! The “V” word having nothing to do with girly bits.

Here’s why I want to talk to you about them… I know them. When you start out writing, everyone always tells you to write what you know. So that’s what I’ve been doing and will keep doing. But what most people don’t actually know is that Vampires really exist today. They walk among us, they’re at our schools, churches, and grocery stores. I’m not sure how many of you just took a moment to look over at your loved ones in concern, but believe me- there’s no reason for it. I promise!

My education is in cultural anthropology, so I took my lifetime obsession and was working on my Masters’ thesis using Modern Vampire Culture. I’m sure you are still a little leery. But don’t be. I spent months studying one particular group. Wanna know what we did? We sat around at a local restaurant and ate pizza. Yep, you heard me. We ate pizza. Yes, there was one incident where blood was consumed- no I didn’t take part (not my cup of tea). Yes, they did have other places of meeting (a sex club was one of them), but I’m serious when I tell you that these people who believed themselves to be Vampires, were just as normal as you or I am. Okay, well, I’m a writer, I might not fall into the realm of “normal.” They just had a specific diet- either blood or energy, depending on the vamp.

Let me take a minute to explain the differences in Vampires in their subculture (a term I truly dislike, but that is a rant for another day). Sanguinarian vampires require a certain amount of blood intake. This is typically taken from a consenting donor. It is so highly looked down upon in the Vampire community to take blood or energy from a non-consenting donor (is donor even the right word then?). Anyways, There are two other types of vamps as well. There are Psychic vampires that use energy in place of blood. Then there is the hybrid that can survive off of a mixture of blood and energy. Sometimes a Sang vamp might be forced to become a hybrid if they aren’t getting enough blood. I’ve been told this is similar to “sucking tofu through a straw.”

There is a huge rift here though. There might be three different types of vamps, but the Sangs and Psi vamps look at the hybrids as sellouts and the Sangs feel that they are the only “true” vamps because they actually drink blood and the Psi vamps don’t. It’s all really a game of politics (sounds vaguely familiar, doesn’t it?).

I bet you’re wondering how this relates at all to writing? I know I probably would be at this point. But it made you stop and think, right? Well, for me, I took elements of the different aspects of the culture and was able to apply it to my own works. The vampires I have in any of my books are completely different from what’s out there, but also from each other. For my Bella Vampires Series (YA Paranormal), I listed all of the characteristics that you think of when you think “vampire” and picked out the ones I liked best, then I built a new way to think about them. For my Kat Purrowells Series (Adult Paranormal), I played with the idea of stereotypes but also threw in some of things I had experienced or heard about. For my Network Deserted Series (YA Dystopia) I took the ideas of the a chemical apocalypse and vampires as a creation of that- but I again used things I had encountered, and different elements from myths and things that I thought fit my image of the vampire.

That is one of the great things about writing, you can take the things that you love, you obsess over, the things from your life and turn them into fantastic character elements! So find that thing that you truly know about, that makes your heart sing and seriously interests you and write about it if you’ve always wanted to write about something and could never find the right topic. My flavor of choice is vampire, what’s yours?

Feel free to stop by my website (www.jessekimmelfreeman.com) or my blog (www.jessekimmelfreeman.com/blog.html). I’m also on facebook (www.facebook.com/j.kimmelfreeman) and I love hearing from people. I also make custom swag and jewelry and stuff, check it out if it interests you (www.skypirateproductions.com or say HI on facebook www.facebook.com/skypirateproductions).

Once again, I’d like to thank my hostess for having me. It was fun thinking about some of my most memorable moments in my education.

You can get buy links to any of the books mentioned in this post at: www.jessekimmelfreeman.com/my-books.html


Jesse now lives in a small town in the middle of nowhere. She moved from the chaos of Los Angeles. Yes, she misses it. It is not uncommon for her to be asked why she moved from such a busy place to the one horse town- the answer is simply to allow her kids to grow up with their grandparents.

Jesse has studied anthropology and used her “education” as an excuse to hang out with vampires- her masters' thesis was going to be modern vampire culture. They really do exist. Vampires have been her obsession since she was about five years old when she swears she was bitten by one.

She enjoys reading and writing. But most importantly being a crazy mom to her son, new daughter, and ever growing pet family. Singing silly songs at the top of her lungs and embarrassing her son is one of her favorite activities. She considers herself to be an odd duck.
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