Teaser Tuesday: Grown-Up Christmas Wish

Sweet Montana Book Seven

On the eve of losing his inheritance from the only person who called him family, Cade takes leave from the Army and travels to Sweet Montana only to find out his grandfather's house is going to be put up for auction for hungry developers to bid on if he doesn't come up with enough money to pay off delinquent tax debt before the day after Christmas. The only warm childhood memories Cade has were from visiting Sweet during Christmas and helping his grandfather give sleigh rides down Main Street. So Cade decides to fix up the old sleigh to see if he can raise enough money to keep his house. If he fails, he has no reason to come back to Sweet except for the pretty realtor who is has a knack for wearing the absolute wrong winter boots, makes the best hot chocolate, and has the warmest smile that melts his heart.

Real estate broker, Sally Macomber hates the holidays as much as she hates the cold weather. She'd moved to Sweet just before he husband decided to enlist in the military. She stayed too long after his death because moving on was harder than dealing with the harsh Montana winters alone. She'd thought the old rundown property across the street from her real estate office was going to be an easy deal that would finally help her move on with her life. She never counted on the persistent soldier with blue eyes she couldn't help falling into and with a persistence that made her want to fight for a Christmas miracle she never knew she was hungry for. Grown-ups don't write Christmas lists to Santa. But as her heart falls for Cade, Sally begins to wonder if maybe her grownup Christmas wish was Cade all along.

Will Cade be the comeback kid who brings Christmas joy to Sweet and to Sally?

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He got up from the chair and stood next to her. He wanted to touch her. He didn’t know why. But something pulled at him to reach up and touch her cheek with the back of his hand, his fingers. He wanted to feel her silky hair. He didn’t need to touch it to know it was soft. Just the thought of it made him lightheaded.

She peered up at him and as she did, he saw a heavy sheen over her eyes. “I’ve stayed in Sweet too long. I couldn’t leave after Mark died. It was as if I was frozen in time here for so long. I’ve been approached by a developer to buy my house and the barn. They plan to level the house and the barn too.”

“That barn? They want to get rid of it?”

“As small as my property is, it’s on Main Street. And if they get their hands on your grandfather’s spread, that makes my property more valuable. If I sell the house and get a commission on the sale of your grandfather’s property, which as of right now is set to sell at auction for more than four times the current value of the property, I can afford to leave here and take time to start over back East. Kara and Joel, my sister and brother, have been after me non-stop about it since I told them about the auction.”


She nodded.

“So you really do have a good reason for wanting me to fail.”

She chuckled softly and placed her hands on her cheeks for a brief moment. “I don’t want you to fail. I just don’t see how we can both win in this situation.”

“Why am I really here?”

“You mean, in Sweet?”

He placed both hands on her shoulders, so she was standing in front of him. “Standing in your kitchen in front of you, wanting to kiss you.”

“Is that what you really want?”

“Oh, yeah,” he said in what sounded like a guttural growl. 

She lifted her face as if inviting him to brush his lips against hers and fulfill the fantasy he’d been thinking about all through dinner. Just his hands on her shoulders had his body humming with desire and wanting more. Their mouths were so close he could feel the heat of her breath.
But then she turned away, leaving him confused.

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Teaser Tuesday: Sweet Montana Bride

Sweet Montana Book Six

Trip Taggart had worked hard on the rodeo circuit, earned his money and then purchased the Lone Creek Ranch for a song. For fifteen years he'd built a rodeo arena, training center and stock company he was proud of. But now the daughter of a rodeo friend is getting married and he needs to step in as father of the bride. He thought he'd had everything he'd wanted until Mia Hale made him think different.

Mia didn't leave her beloved Hawaii out of choice. She'd fled her home and her family, knowing she'd probably never return. She landed in Sweet Montana and worked as an EMT because although the mountains of Montana were different from Hawaii, it was the closest thing to paradise. But she never really felt safe until Trip held her in his arms and made her see she didn't have to live her life alone. Could she trust the sexy cowboy with a heart of gold with her broken heart?

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“I'm getting married.”

Trip Taggart stopped nailing the board he was using to secure the birdhouse he’d finally built in the side yard off his deck per Tabby’s request. That request had been made well over a year ago by the girl looking with stars in her eyes looking at him now. He’d dragged his feet. There’d been a lot going on at the Lone Creek Ranch since she’d made that request. Since then, he’d lost a good friend and ranch manager, and the girl he’d taken under his wing when her parents died over ten years ago had fallen in love, and was now…

Trip did a double-take as he gripped the hammer. “Run that by me again, Tabby?”

Tabby’s shoulder’s sagged just a little. “You heard me right.”

Tabby wasn't a young, naïve, broken girl anymore. She was a woman who was in love with a local boy who'd made good. Trip liked Kas. He treated Tabby like a princess, something she deserved after living through so much heartache.

“Humor me.”

“Me and Kas,” she said slowly with a smile that showed she was teasing him about his age. Again. “We want to get married.”

He let the words flow over him as if it would make more sense the second time around, but felt a frown tighten his brow. “That’s what I thought you said.”

“Then why did you make me say it again?”

Holding the birdhouse in place with one hand, he used the hammer in the other hand to adjust his cowboy hat so he could get a better look at Tabby. “You announced your engagement some time ago, Tab. Did you think I wasn’t listening then?”

He chuckled as he turned back and started banging on the nail again, frustrated that it wasn't going in quite the way he wanted it to in the cold weather. He should have done this while the weather was still good. He could smell snow in the air.

“Well, things have changed.”

Her words had him stopping mid-hammer. He turned and stared at Tabby’s expression. She was filled with giddiness. It was the kind of glee he’d seen in her when she’d done well during a barrel race competition. Maybe even more. He was afraid to ask why.

“Uh, huh. Is there something…you’re trying to tell me?”

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Teaser Tuesday: Sweet Montana Secrets

Sweet Montana Book 5

They say time heals all wounds, but time doesn't make you forget who you were... 

Ten years ago Hunter Williams' life was a mess. Injured on the rodeo circuit, the absolute last thing he needed was to fall in love. He hadn't expected being completely taken by Julie Samuel, a beautiful young woman who took riding lessons at the ranch he worked at. But their love hadn't been enough to conquer his demons.

Julie had never been able to forget her first love no matter how hard she tried or how far she'd run. Running hadn't changed anything or the loss that still ate at her heart every single day. The only way to rid herself of her pain was to confront it. But how can she go home after so long and face the one man she'd never stopped loving? And would he hate her when he learned the secret of why she'd left in the first place?
“You know what makes you happy.” 
He glanced at her and then ahead as he sighed. “That may be so, but a man can’t always have what makes him happy.” 
His gaze bore into her and made her whole body shiver with anticipation. She wanted him to kiss her. She could almost feel his lips against hers as the memory of it crashed down around her. She wanted him to reach for her and hold her in his arms, make her feel small and safe as he used to. 
But he didn’t. He turned and started walking toward the sub shop. She reeled in her disappointment and followed him.
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