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It is my pleasure to welcome AAMBookclub Author Tamika Newhouse to Conversations today. She's here to talk about her new release, The Ultimate No-No 4. Be sure and check out her interview and get to know Stacey.

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Nitrah Hill was finally happy, that was until she got the call that a former friend was found murdered in her hometown. Forced to return to Fort Worth she is faced with her lives past secrets, regrets, and mistakes. Leaning on her friend Jazzaray for strength they both are faced with the ultimate betrayal that suddenly starts to make everything fall into place. When Dahlia returns to town she comes to blows with her own demons. When her former love is thrown back into her life she must face the fact that her mistakes that ruined everyone s lives must be made right. That means; she must take destiny into her own hands, including facing her friends murderer.

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Get to know Tamika:

You were able to tap into your craft at a very early age in life! At 21 you founded Delphine Publications and appeared on numerous best seller lists, how were you able to accomplish so much so young?

I am not sure on how I can reply to that. Let’s see I can’t say that I went out pursuing to be successful at this. I just wanted to write. It’s something that I have always wanted to do with my life. It was definitely a God sent talent and it was designed by the man himself. You see so many people make plans for their lives and try to make things happen. I on the other hand became the CEO of Delphine Publications at the age of 21 just out or pure passion. It was a passion to write because I didn’t know what else to do with my life. I am a writer so I couldn’t be anything but that.

The success that came along with my passion came from obsession. I am obsessed about my dream, people, and being a success. I live, breathe, and eat this thing so the mile stones I have walked and the accomplishments I have achieved came from pure obsession. I will never stop. This is just who I am.

Reading is vital in the growth of  young people, what motivated you  to launch Baltimore Urban Book Festival and  African Americans on the Move Book Club ?

I was tired of seeing the same authors promoted at the same events, so if you want to make a change create your own event. Then to top that off I created my online book club because I discovered hundreds of other black writers via social media sites. The same stores, magazines, and online networks always showcased the same books by the same authors. So a consumer wouldn’t help but to think that only about 20 black writers existed. I created these platforms for the sole purpose of promoting the unknown. It was time to expose the hundreds of other writers out there.

It’s tough being a teen girl, what was your biggest challenge as a teen and how did you grow to overcome it?

My biggest challenge was becoming a mother at the age of 16. I had fallen in love young. I met my high school sweetheart at 14 and even till this day we are best friends but being a mother was not easy. I didn’t go to dances or events because I was working. I was home feeding and clothing a child. It helped me channel what was most important in life. My family and my passion. I could look at my being a mother so young as a way of stopping me from living but it helped me develop into the young independent entrepreneur I am today. I have no regrets.

It’s scary to step out on your passion sometimes, What piece of advice would you give to  young writers trying to follow their dreams?

You cannot become something, you just are. If you crave this dream try and fulfill it. We live once and we all have that day when it’s all over and when that time comes we most certainly want to be at peace. Be serious about your dream and research what you need to do to make it happen because at the end of the day if your dream does not come true you can’t place blame on not trying. And you never have to wonder what if, if you tried.

What is your ultimate goal you would like to achieve in this lifetime?

I would love to expand my brand into millions that opens doors for others like myself. And I want to travel. I don’t want much in life after now being able to live my dream. I have my family, my happiness, and God on my side. If I can travel the world and stay consistent with living my dream I feel as if I have done a great job in this lifetime.

What was the most vital lesson as a teen you learned that carried into your adult life?

To never be a follower or afraid of anyone. That is everyone besides my Mama lol. I take fear away from my everyday life because fear will cripple you. It can stop you from fulfilling a dream, professing your love, taking risk, and ultimately living. I use that every day of my life to just live without a care in the world mainly because only one person can judge me, God. And that’s all that matters.

What does empowerment mean to you?

You will embody so much power by living your life as you have always dreamed. Taking risk and sacrificing what you may consider hard to let go will empower you. You appreciate the smaller things more and at the end of the day you will have this light within you. I know of this light. I am often asked by so many, “Why are you so happy?” In turn I ask them, “Why aren’t you?”

Fun Faves!!- Food? Song? Artist?

I love southern fried catfish, and I can listen to neo-soul all day every day. My favorite artist that can never steer me wrong is Eric Roberson. Love that guy!

Tamika Newhouse is a self-published bestselling author who founded Delphine Publications, at the age of 21; Tamika appeared on various bestseller lists and won Self Published Author of the Year at the 2009 African American Literary Awards only 9 months after her debut novel. In 2010 she was inducted into Who’s who in Black San Antonio and she landed a major publishing deal without an agent and still continues to write independent projects. In 2011 her company Delphine Publications won an African American Literary Award for Best Anthology as well as Tamika won for the second time Self Published Author of the Year. She was also nominated by the National Women in Business Association for the 2011 Entrepreneurial Spirit Award. In 2013 she was honored with the Author of Distinction E. Lynn Harris Award.

Along with Delphine Publications, Tamika is the founder and President of African Americans on the Move Book Club (AAMBC) – an online book club and radio show catering to avid readers across the nation. She is also CEO of Obsessive Soul Media. With future projects in the works from short films, stage plays and much more, Tamika is a young woman on a mission. She has been featured in Uptown Magazine, Essence, Juicy Magazine, and in Vibe Vixen Magazine.

Tamika presently tours the country speaking about overcoming her teen pregnancy to fulfill her dream, as well as teaching aspiring writers the publishing ropes. A former radio host, she hosted her own internet radio show (AAMBC) for over three years and continues to expand her brand. She is currently living in Atlanta with her son and daughter and is currently working on her next novel.

Find Tamika:
Twitter @TamikaNewhouse
IG: @BossladyTamika

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