Author/Screenwriter Promotion

Most people who know me know that I love to help promote creative works.  I'm also very flexible about the type of promo I do on my blog because people of all different interests visit here.  So if you'd like to be a GUEST on my blog please look at the guidelines below.  It doesn't cost you anything.  All I ask is that any excerpts or videos (if I can figure out how to embed them) are PG.  I don't want to have to put a warning on my blog because I know the age range for visitors here is 14-92!

As I said I'm extremely flexible.  You don't have to talk about any one thing or keep to a particular format.  If you're stumped as to what to do for the post I have listed suggestions at the bottom of the post.  Please choose 1 only and keep your entire blog post to no more than 1200 words total.

To keep me from having to schedule and then track people down for posts I ask you to send me your entire post in an email to me with 1. Your blog post 2. JPG picture of you and/or your books you're promoting 3. Links to anything you want me to link your work to whether it be Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Sony, iTunes  or anything else.  Send your email to with a subject line GUEST BLOGGER REQUEST.   I will email you back and tell you what dates I have available.  As soon as you have a date available I'll load the blog and you're good to go.

I promote on Facebook and Twitter and ask that you do as well.  If you're going to give away a copy of your ebook/book/or promo item, please let me know so I can include that in the intro to the post.

SUGGESTED BLOG TOPICS:  Please choose ONLY 1 and no more than 1200 words total.

1. PROMO blog that includes author bio, book blurb and short PG rated excerpt.
2. STORY BEHIND THE STORY blog talking about how you got the idea for the story or a special meaning to the story.
3. A DAY IN THE LIFE blog that tells readers about your typical working day.  This can be serious or humorous.
4. INTERVIEW:  Choose any questions YOU'D like readers to know about and write the interview.  I have sample questions below to help you along.  Again, no more than 1200 words total.
5. TOPIC blog about anything you want to blog about.  It can be related to promo, breaking into the business, craft related or just about anything that is PG rated.

Sample Interview Questions (feel free to modify)

When did you first start write?
Tell us a little about your current project?
Was it hard breaking into the publishing/screenwriting?
What did you do to prepare yourself?  Did you go to school or learn through outside workshops?
What is the single most important thing you've learned about managing your career?
How do you promote your work to readers?  To publishers?  To production companies?
If you weren't writing as a career...what would you be doing?
What is the craziest thing you've done to research a story idea?
They say you make your luck...what have you done in your career that has resulted in what other people might think of as being lucky?
Everyone always wants to know about a writer's writing space.  What's yours like?
Do you write every day?  Every week?  Odd times?
When you get deep into a project, how do you balance your time between work and family?
What was the most exciting thing that has happened in your career so far?  Don't limit it to a big sale.  Did you meet someone spectacular who influenced you?  Did you hit a particular bestsellers list? 

Feel free to add other questions if you don't like these.

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