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Please join me in welcoming author Mariposa Urbana to Conversations today! Mariposa is here to talk about her new novel, Jane of All Trades. So, check out the cover and blurbbelow. And don't forget to check out her interview too, and get to know Mariposa Charles!

Lisa ~

Jane of All Trades

To all of her friends Kat is no different than any other woman. She’s a hardworking business woman always on the grind and occasionally she manages to squeeze in a relationship. But there is also a different and much darker side to the seemingly innocent Kat. She has a seemingly unbreakable tie to the drug kingpin Lupe who runs her city with an iron fist. With each step she tries to take forward and away from him and the lifestyle he lives, she gets sucked in deeper. Balancing this double life gets even more difficult when she meets Angel. The two bump into each other at an amusement park and suddenly Kat is seeing life through new eyes. She falls in love fast and hard. Being with him pushes her to want to walk away from it all for good and start over. She doesn’t get far before the streets are knocking on her front door reminding her of who she truly is. Trying to continue her normal life and hide Lupe from Angel and the rest of the world proves to be a bit too much for the orphaned Kat. All things past and present come to light and Kat realizes she has to choose. What will she choose, Lupe and the game or herself?

Interview with Mariposa Urbana
How do you feel now that your second book is about to be released?

I’m so excited. And so nervous. I’m starting all over again in the literary world. A lot has changed with me since the release of my first, D&K.
Is your latest release a reflection of this transition in your life?

No not really. The next one will be trust me. But Jane of All Trades can kinda go with my whole restarting situation. I mean both Kat and I had to learn how to get out from our comfort zones and just learn how to let go and let it roll, you know?

Why do you think readers are going to love Jane of All Trades?

Personally I love it because for once the girl is running the show. Usually its always the man thats the boss. Other than that fact readers will love this because this book takes you on a roller coaster. You’re going to fall in love with some of the characters then in the next moment want to smack the hell out of them. Then you’re gonna cry with/for Kat. But in the next chapter you’re going to be laughing over something stupid she says or does. All around its just different.

Would you say this upcoming release is more street than D&K?

I would like to think so. When I was finishing up Jane of All Trades I was in a new environment where I definitely learned some new things that completely shattered that cute little safe box I’ve been in my whole life. So some of that is reflected, especially with Kat’s character. I feel like my main character is way more vicious in this one.

Now I’m intrigued. What was it about this past year that has seemed to push you to go so hard now?

Umm besides walking in on my “husband” and another woman, or working in a strip club? Ha-ha. But honestly I really do take all of my fears, frustrations, and heartbreaks and pour them into my writing. That’s where the anger and pain came from in my new character’s life. So with this one I will say that I did pour a little of my situation into our main character just in the sense that its like just like me, we want to just move on and be happy and worry free but at the end of the day you have to wake up and realize that its either go hard or you don’t eat. So love, friendships and things like that kinda get pushed to the back burner so you can focus on your hustle. For me it was like a mantra, I just kept reminding myself it was just me and my daughter. Providing for us was all me now.

Wow! It seems like you have been through a lot. Strip club huh? What was that all about?

Read the next one and see, ha-ha.

Okay, okay. Well what can readers be looking forward to from you from here on out?

Now that I’m at a point where I can relax a little bit more I am going to be way more active online and reaching out a lot more. I’m gonna get back to “Mariposa the Fiction Vixen” as I used to call myself. Back to blogging, doing short erotic stories for my blog, book signings and just being more present. I want people to know I’m here and hungrier than ever. I’m on a mission to make it to the top of that best sellers list. But in the mean time you can link up with me on Facebook or Instagram!

Mariposa is an urban fiction author who often refers to herself as the mistress of the pen. She has had a passion for writing since she could first pick up a pen and began writing poems and short stories at the age of nine. Once she began to take writing, seriously, she ‘became a new woman’ and the persona Mariposa Urbana was born. She uses writing and her alter ego to express her new found challenges as a single mother. “Its like Mariposa says all the things that Teshia was afraid to. When I’m her I can say what I want when I want and I don’t care who likes it. It’s liberating!” She chose the pen name Mariposa Urbana because just like an actual butterfly regardless of its surroundings a butterfly is still a butterfly, it doesn’t change.

Connect with Mariposa:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/MariposaFiction
Instagram: MariposaUrbana
Email: MariposaFiction@gmail.com
Blog: marithebutterfly.blogspot.com

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