Sweet Montana Rescue is now available!

Dear Readers:
After a few snafus, Sweet Montana Rescue, book 3 of Sweet Montana is now available!
A Contemporary Western Romance
Sweet Montana, Book 3
Dangerous Montana snow storms are no surprise. So when police dispatcher, Harper Madison, heads to the mountains to bring supplies to a survivalist/scientist who is renting her invalid grandmother's remote cabin high in the mountains for the summer, she doesn't take chances. But when a elk runs in front of her car and it tumbles down an embankment, nearly killing her, and leaving her stranded on the mountain until she can be rescued.
The only thing Nash Webber wants is to be left alone. Working in the Montana mountains will give him much needed perspective. But as soon as he arrives, his quiet retreat is quickly compromised when a sudden blizzard leaves a stranded woman perched precariously on the cliff of the mountain road leading to his cabin.
The cabin is certainly big enough for two. But can they be forced in close proximity for days on end without losing their minds and their hearts?
If you haven't had a chance to check out the books that are coming up next, then check out Sweet Montana Outlaw featuring sexy bad boy Brody Whitebear and a local novelty shop owner, Tara Mitchell. You'll meet Tara in Sweet Montana Rescue.
A Contemporary Western Romance
Sweet Montana, Book 4
He did time for killing a man he should have killed to save the woman he loved...
Brody Whitebear had the reputation as a bad boy and people won't let him forget. His past has come back to haunt him when he returns to Sweet, Montana at the request of an old friend who wants to help give him a second chance. Some people won't let him forget or move on.
Tara Mitchell knew her brother wasn't a saint but he didn't have to die because of it. She'd tried for years to forget what she'd seen and to focus on building her little novelty shop in Sweet. But now that Brody is back in town, the fantasy that her brother was blameless is hard to ignore. Can she forgive Brody for what he did without losing her heart and falling in love?
Available August 31, 2018
Next up is Sweet Montana Secrets will feature Julie Samuel and Hunter Williams. If you've read Sweet Home Montana, then you had a chance to get a little bit of background on Julie and Hunter. The secrets come out in Sweet Montana Secrets.
A Contemporary Western Romance
Sweet Montana, Book 5
They say time heals all wounds, but time doesn't make you forget who you were...
Ten years ago Hunter Williams' life was a mess. Injured on the rodeo circuit, the absolute last thing he needed was to fall in love. He hadn't expected being completely taken by Julie Samuel, a beautiful young woman who took riding lessons at the ranch he worked at. But their love hadn't been enough to conquer his demons.
Julie had never been able to forget her first love no matter how hard she tried or how far she'd run. Running hadn't changed anything or the loss that still ate at her heart every single day. The only way to rid herself of her pain was to confront it. But how can she go home after so long and face the one man she'd never stopped loving? And would he hate her when he learned the secret of why she'd left in the first place?
Available September 30, 2018
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