New Book!

Okay, I know I'm pitiful. It's been forever since I've posted. If you want to hear from me, please sign up for my FACEBOOK page. I won't promise to be better about posting here because I know life gets in the way and it'll probably be another month or two before I remember that I haven't blogged. But you can always find me over on these blogs.

Fresh-Start Family will hit the stores in October, so be on the lookout for that. You can always order online at or
I'd love to hear what's happening with all of you. What are you reading? What great movies have you seen? What music are you listening to?
Lately I've been really into listening to Lifehouse. Have tha playing right now and am about to change over to Sheryl Crowe. I love having music on when I write. It's a great way for me to decompress, drown out the noise around me (Yes, I'm going deaf because I listen to music WAY too loud.) and get into my stories.
I'm learning all about social medias. I'm not a dinosaur and I'm not afraid of technology at all. But it's pretty sad when I have to keep asking my 16 year old how to do something. The parent as teacher has gone by the wayside. I'll admit, I'm a bit afraid of Twitter, only because I think it will become way too easy to become addicted to it. I do have a Facebook page though, and I do like to connect with friends and family that way.
What about you? What social media is your preference?
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