3D Movies and Magic Eye

I have a confession to make. Are you ready? Sure?

I can't magic eye. I've tried many times to see that picture that is somehow supposed to emerge from a bunch of gobble on the screen if I stare at it long enough. But alas, I've never seen it. It never appears. And up until a few years ago my eyesight was really good, so I can't even blame it on that.

With all the 3D movies that are being released these days I've been wondering if I'm going to miss out on something wonderful there as well. The 3D experience definitely adds some excitement or depth to a movie, or so I'm told. To date I haven't seen one. I'm sort of afraid simply because I hate disappointment and don't want to get all worked up about this new experience only to be crushed when everyone else is seeing objects fly at them at lightning speed except for me. I'm afraid I'll be the one who is spending the entire movie checking my glasses to see if there is a defect.

Okay, so anyone else out there ME challenged like me? Can you see 3D movies? Let me know.


Listening to...Middle of the Road - The Pretenders (Don't you just love Chrissie?)
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