Writing the Crap Draft...

I'm in the middle of multiple projects. This is not unusual for me. Unless I'm on a firm deadline with a project I bounce from one idea to the next. While it would probably drive a linear writer crazy, I find that working on different projects fits just perfect with my puzzle writer mind.

As a puzzle writer, I don't see everything about a story in nice, neat order. I'm all over the place, filling in holes, patching up empty spots in the story until I have about 80% of the entire story written. During this phase I can juggle multiple ideas. These scenes just come to me and I write. But this is the only phase I can do this type of insane writing.

During the crap draft phase (more affectionately known as the puke-it-out-and-clean-it-up-later phase) I don't have to worry about all the problems of the manuscript. If I've done a sufficient amount of plotting (Not like you heavy plotters out there. *gasp* I only do a road map.) then I can just write and allow ideas to come to me and build on them. As I get new gems of ideas to add to the story, I simply jot them down and incorporate them later. And if I'm really in the zone (love those moments) I can just write.

But even with my puzzle process, I have to allow scenes to grow in my mind. I can't just plow through the crap draft unless I jump around. So instead of stopping, I work on multiple projects, allow my creative brain to take a break from one story so I can think about my next step.

(Do you linear writers need some oxygen? I'll wait until you revive yourselves...)

Today I worked on 3 different stories. I got a fair amount accomplished on all 3 so it was a good writing day for me. I can do this because all 3 stories are in the crap draft stage. I can ONLY do this in crapt draft.

When I'm working on revisions, and deep in deadline mode, that's another story. I need to concentrate only on one story at a time so I can pay attention to pacing and flow of the story. Scheduling is very important for me. But I'm a back-against-the-wall writer and I think my creative brain works best in over-drive. So it's not uncommon for me to have one deadline after another. It would drive some people nuts. I know this. But it works for me.

What's your process? Do you do a crap draft?

All the best, Lisa

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