Guest Blogger: A Day in the Life of Christy Hayes


Yes, today we're having another giveaway!  I do love giveaways and today this one is coming from my Guest Blogger, Indie Author Christy Hayes!

It is my pleasure to feature Christy Hayes on my website today.  As an Indie Author, she has an interesting life and we're going to hear about it today.  Truthfully, people think that writers sit around all day having their maids bring them martinis and chocolate while they dream up tales of adventure and romance and immediately become New York Times Best Selling authors.  We get our nails done.  The maid does the laundry and grocery shopping for us, and the nanny carts the kids around all day.  Well, one can dream.  But we all need a clean toilet and food on the table when the family gets home and most of us don't have a maid or a nanny to help us get through the day.

In truth, writers are like everyone else.  We just get to hang out with our imaginary friends all day when everyone else is at work.  And we don't have to wear panty hose. (One of the many perks of the full time writer.  But I'm going to let Christy tell you about her day herself. 

Before I do, let me tell you that Christy Hayes is giving one lucky commenter a choice of one of her books.  So don't be shy.  Make sure you leave a comment.  If you'd like to learn more about Christy's books, click on the carousel below.


A Day In The Life

I’m up at 6:00 am every day, seven days a week because I get so much done before everyone else gets up. As the mother of two tweens and two dogs, just getting a head start on email can help me have time to write later. And I’m bad—I baby my kids, so nothing gets done until they are up and on the bus at 7:30.

I catch up on more email before the dogs start bugging me and force me to take them for their morning walk around 9:00. They drag me around the block and I’m back in the chair by 9:30.

I eat (I’m a total cereal addict) and finally look over the writing I did the day before in order to get back into the story. If all goes well, I can get a good hour or two in before my ADD kicks in and I have to exercise.

Thank goodness for technology. I love my iPad and use it while I work out to read blogs, stay abreast of publishing industry news, and read.

After showering, I typically run a few errands, usually to the grocery store, otherwise known as my home away from home. And I don’t even like to cook!

I head back and try to get another hour or so of work done before the kids get home at 4:00.

The moment the kids get home, my real job kicks in. I help with homework, do laundry, chauffeur kids to practice or a friend’s house or run an errand for a school supply they needed yesterday. I could have picked up said supply on my earlier errands if only I’d known they needed it.

Back home to make dinner around 6:00. My husband will eat and enjoy anything (love him!) but my kids tend to wrinkle their noses at whatever is placed before their discriminating palates. Go figure!

After cleaning up the kitchen, the dogs need another walk around the block. I try to get anyone from the family to come with me and suddenly everyone has a million things they have to do.

As soon as the sun goes down, I’m in my pajamas. I make sure the kids have all their homework done, try to get them to read instead of watch TV, and eventually make them go to bed. I check email one last time and try to spend a little time with the hubby IF he hasn’t already fallen asleep watching Storm Chasers!

I’ll end the day with a good book on my iPad, knowing my eyesight is paying for all the hours I spend looking at a computer screen. I’m usually asleep by 11:00 because I’ve got to do it all again the next day!

As you can see, I lead a very exciting, adventure-filled life! All kidding aside, I’m truly blessed to be able to work at home with the love and support of my family. Even if they do drive me crazy!

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