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 It is my pleasure to have African American Book Club Author Mychea on Conversations today.  Sit back with a cup of coffee and enjoy reading about Mychea's latest book He Loves Me, He Loves You Not!

It’s been years since their parents were murdered. Twin sisters Shia and Leigh are trying to readjust to life, while caring for their baby sister Remi. With the exception of Leigh s angry, dramatic mood swings every now and then, everything seems to be going great. That is until Demetri; the mysterious stranger enters their midst, and falls right in the path of the newly single Shia. After dating Trent for so long, she is looking for a man to treat her like a queen, and Demetri is heaven sent…until inexplicable things begin to happen. When one of her sisters goes missing, and was last seen with Trent and Demetri, Shia suddenly realizes no one is who they appear to be. The seemingly normal world she and her sisters recreated is destroyed. Shia begins to realize that her parents’ past deeds are coming back to haunt them all and no one can be trusted. It is unclear to Shia which man truly has her best interest – and safety – at heart. Staring at the wilted flower she calls life, she is slowly pulling back the layers to try to understand if He loves me, he loves you not…

“I love you so much that I hate your ass now.” He said as a sole tear dripped down his face, “It wasn’t just sex with me and you. It was love making no matter how cheap you tried to make me feel.” His words were laced with heartfelt emotion as he pulled the telephone cord tighter around her neck and watched her breathe her last breath. Staring into her eyes as her life slipped away was an intimate bounding experience for him. He felt closer to her now than he did the numerous times they had made love.

Uncoiling the cord, he gazed down in satisfaction admiring his work. Her lifeless face stared back at him. She’d never looked more beautiful than she did right now with her blue and black bruised body lying on the floor. Giving her a proper farewell, he picked her up off the floor and kissed her lifeless lips, wishing she had made the right decision that could have led to hot sex with each other on an isolated island somewhere.

Placing her motionless body next to her husband’s, he was finally glad to be done with her and her lies. How dare she think she could tell him the truth after all this time and walk away from their arrangement as if it never happened? As if what they’d shared hadn’t been real or good enough in her eyes? He wanted to dedicate his life to her and make it work. Living in her world more than he lived in his own with his wife, she still hadn’t felt that he’d been worthy of all of her, where they could leave their inconvenient marriages behind and be as one together. She’d been selfishly trying to have it all, him and her own family. He’d never thought in a million years that she wouldn’t choose a life with him. He’d thought what they shared was more special than what their spouses were giving them.

Gazing down at her husband’s lifeless body, he felt like he had done them both justice. Now, her husband no longer had to be enslaved with her lies either. He set them all free. Smiling as he grabbed the gas can and drenched the room with gasoline; he was extremely pleased with himself. Lighting a cigarette, he relished in the calmness of the night, immune to the dead bodies lying around him. There would never be another woman whom he would allow to get to him like this one did. Never. Taking one last puff off his cigarette, he began his retreat towards the door, stopping only to light a match and flick it behind him in the darkened room. As he made his exit into the eerily still night, not even the moon illuminated the dreary sky. All that could be seen, in the distance, was the solitary house going ablaze.

Bio: A native of the Metropolitan of Washington, DC, Mychea has had a dream to have her words shown in print since the age of eleven, when she began a series of illustrations and short stories. In April 2007, Mychea decided it was time to stop fantasizing and begin achieving, opting to turn her dreams into a reality and so her debut novel Coveted began. She is the author of urban fiction novels He Loves Me, He Loves You Not, Coveted and Vengeance and Playwright of her stage play Coveted. In her spare time, Mychea loves to draw, model, act and plan events. She is hard at work on her next novel.

Get to Know Mychea:

1. What motivates you to write?
I am motivated from within. Since I was a little girl I enjoyed writing and illustrating short stories. I had amazing teachers long the way that helped me to develop my natural talent even further and I can never thank them enough. I am also motivated by what I see and hear every day. I can honestly say that some experiences that I go through and my friends go through do help me to come up with ideas for my story.

2. What long term goals do you hope to accomplish through writing?
I would love to have a production company one day that will help bring to life writers and directors visions through, television, movies and theatrical productions. I believe that writing will also help to open doors for me to branch out with my brand identity to launch new charities to help literacy awareness.

3. Do you see yourself turning any of your books into a movie?
Yes. I would love for all of my books to be turned into movies one day. Currently I do stage plays based off of my books, but having them shown on the big screen is definitely one of my goals.

4. Are you an independent author? If not, how did you get linked with the publisher you are with now?
I began as an independent author in January 2010; however that changed mid-2012 when I became an author under Good2Go Publishing. Through networking this publishing company heard of me and contacted me about being an author with their company. I am happy to be a new edition to the Good2Go Publishing family and excited to have my novel He loves Me, He Loves You Not releasing November 22, Thanksgiving Day with Silk White’s Tears of a Hustler 4.

5. What do you expect readers to get out of your books?
I expect my reader’s imaginations to be captured through a world of twisted, deranged, chaotic sequences of events that will leave them on the edge of their seats wanting more.

6. When creating characters are they based off of you, people you know or are they products of your imagination?
A little of all three. I take qualities from my personality and people that I come in contact with or people that I have researched personalities to create my characters. I want my characters to be memorable to my readers, so each character has a personality trait to make them stand apart from the rest of the characters.

7. Five years from now where do you see yourself?
Five years from now I see myself still working hard, making movies and television series, knee deep in charity work, raising a family and looking for the next great opportunity! I want to thank everyone for all the support you give. You all rock and I am so grateful.

Twitter: @authormychea
Website: www.mychea.com
Email Address: mychea@mychea.com
Book Available for Purchase: http://amzn.com/0615525970

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