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Announcing the biggest romance bargain of the summer! The Summit Authors Present: Favorite Romance Themes™ is a collection of six boxed sets centered around some of your favorite romance themes: marriage of convenience, bodyguards, reunited lovers, bad boys, good guys, and wounded heroes. Buy all six sets and you’ll get 27 (yes, twenty-seven) bestselling, award-winning romance novels for less than $6.

The first 3 Favorite Romance Themes sets are on sale now, and the next 3 go on sale Aug. 20. Each boxed set is just 99c for a limited time, so buy yours today (and please click Share to let your friends get in on this sizzling summer deal!)

On Sale Now – Just 99c for a limited time!
MOC Final 3-D cover
Marriage of Convenience Boxed Set (Favorite Romance Themes™)

It’s perhaps the most beloved, classic romance theme of all: a couple who marry not for love, but because of an arrangement between families, a business contract, or the order of a king. They start their married life as strangers… then sparks fly, love catches them by surprise, and their arrangement becomes much more. This boxed set features four full-length “marriage of convenience” romance novels by Judith Arnold, Patricia Ryan, Patricia McLinn, and special guest author Cynthia Wright.
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BODYGUARDS Final 3-D cover 

Bodyguards Boxed Set (Favorite Romance Themes™)

When a woman is in danger and a hot guy is assigned to protect her, the stage is set for spellbinding romantic suspense. The bodyguard is supposed to keep things strictly business—but forbidden fruit is always the most tantalizing. Their lives are on the line, their hearts are involved, and rules are made to be broken. This boxed set features five full-length romance novels with “bodyguard” heroes by Julianne MacLean, Kathryn Shay, Shelly Thacker, Patricia Ryan, and special guest author Julie Kenner (aka J. Kenner).
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REUNION Final 3-D coverReunion Boxed Set (Favorite Romance Themes™)

He’s the man from her past… the one she tried so hard to forget. They once shared a romantic relationship, only to have it end. Now he’s back and turning her whole world upside down. Will she risk her heart again—and will their love last this time around? This boxed set features four full-length “reunion” romance novels and one bonus novella by Kathryn Shay, Patricia Ryan, Patricia McLinn, Judith Arnold, and special guest author Emilie Richards.
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On Sale August 19 – Just 99c for a limited time!

BAD BOY HEROES Final 3-D cover
BAD BOY HEROES (Favorite Romance Themes™) 

Outlaws, rebels and rogues. A bad boy is the guy with a leather jacket, a killer reputation, and little regard for the rules. He’s more than a little dangerous—but you just can’t resist. Take a walk on the wild side with one of these men and you might lose more than your heart. This boxed set features four full-length romance novels with “bad boy” heroes by Patricia Ryan, Judith Arnold, Kathryn Shay, and special guest author Barbara Samuel.
On Sale August 19.

GOOD GUY HEROES Final 3-D coverGOOD GUY HEROES (Favorite Romance Themes™)
He’s the one who won’t let you down. A man of honor, a peace-keeper, a hero with a heart of gold. If you need a protector, he’s your man. Every woman dreams of a knight in shining armor who will keep her—and her heart—safe when the going gets tough. You’ll find five of them right here. This boxed set features five full-length romance novels with “good guy” heroes by Julie Ortolon, Wendy Lindstrom, Patricia McLinn, and special guest authors Jacquie D’Alessandro and Lauren Royal.
On Sale August 19.

WOUNDED HEROES Final 3-D coverWOUNDED HEROES (Favorite Romance Themes™)

He’s a loner and a lost soul, the man who keeps to the shadows. He may have believed in love once, but not anymore. Whether his scars are physical or emotional, he’s hurting and vulnerable and in need of redemption—but to get it, he’ll need a Beauty with enough courage to tame the Beast. This boxed set features five full-length romance novels with “wounded” heroes by Judith Arnold, Kathryn Shay, Patricia Ryan, and special guest authors Jean Brashear and Lisa Mondello.
On Sale August 19.

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