Monday, November 14, 2011

Kate Kelly gives us "A Day in the Life"

It is my pleasure to introduce you today to romance author Kate Kelly.  Kelly writes for Harlequin Superromance but also has stepped into the world of Indie publishing with her new titles, SHATTERED, SLEIGHT OF HAND, and THE ART OF DECEPTION. 

You may remember a few weeks ago I visited the Pink Fuzzy Slipper Writers and talked about the Glamorous Life of a Writer.  (If you missed it, here's the link:

Well, today it's Kate Kelly's turn!  She's going to give us a sneak peek into a day in her life!  One lucky commenter will receive a copy of one of Kate Kelly's book.  So don't be shy.  Post a comment and let us know what you think!  Here's Kate:

A Day In The Life Of A Writer

  1.       Wake up thinking, omigod, I have to rewrite that scene from the hero’s point of view, not the heroine’s.
2.       Stumble out of bed, pull on some clothes and make tea. If I drink enough cups of green tea, I get a small caffeine buzz and still get to feel virtuous.
3.       Make appropriate sounds to husband while munching cereal, but really cussing myself out for not writing that scene in the right POV yesterday.

4.       Rush through necessary ablution to convince people I’m not crazy. Just a minute, have to check if I brushed my hair.

5.       Hair is passable.

6.       Fire up laptop and virtuously open Word file of WIP. (work-in-progress)

7.       Look out window, realize it’s a gorgeous fall day and maybe I should go for a walk. 

8.       Read last paragraph written yesterday, delete it, then remember the email sent last night posing serious question: Is it absolutely necessary to wear heels with a formal dress?

9.       Dash over to email. No, not necessary, but what’s the point of dressing up if you’re not going to do it right? Not the answer I was looking for. Email second friend with same query.

10.   Have five new twitter friends. Must go say hello to all my new peeps!

11.    How did it get to be lunch time already? I haven’t even gone for my walk yet!

12.   Troll through refrigerator and find tasty left-overs. Seriously, curried veggies and chick peas. Yum!

13.   Nap time. No explanation necessary.

14.   Okay, time to get to work. Delete entire scene and start rewriting from hero’s POV.

15.   Hmmm, maybe that isn’t the problem with scene. Must think about this. Need chocolate because it’s too early for wine. Isn’t it?

16.   Look out window while contemplating scene problem and realize walking will help me think.

17.   An hour later, burst into the house, pumped with energy and the solution to my problem.

18.   Delete scene entirely.

19.   Make sketchy notes about scene I will write tomorrow. It’s going to be fantastic!

20.   Rummage in kitchen for glass of wine to celebrate a productive day.


I'm tired just reading that.  I'm amazed at your day, Kate!  Since I spend most of the day home alone, I never even consider whether or not my hair is passable if I'm writing.  I simple pull it back in a barrette and forget about it.

Tell us what your day is like!  Post a comment for a chance to win a FREE copy of one of Kate Kelly's books!  Lisa

You can order her books at by clicking on the book cover in the slide show below.

Her books are also available at Smashwords at these links.





Gail MacMillan said...

Wow, Kate! Wish I had your energy. I'm an expert at finding other things that need doing! Great blog! You've inspired me.


Sophia Knightly said...

What a fun post, Kate! I hear you on the many distractions writers face. But hey, you seem to have an arsenal of goodies to keep your energy up :) Curried veggies and chick peas sounds yummy! I love drinking green tea, too, especially the flavored kind.

Lina Gardiner said...

Kate's blog shows her unique writing style and gives an example of how interesting the characters in her books are. I love Kate's books and her characters. They're unique and wonderful. No one else writes like Kate Kelly. She's heading for the stars.

Norah Wilson said...

LOL! This cracked me up, Kate. And the best part -- I know it's all true. :)

Kate said...

I never get enough writing done. Does any writer? But little treats do help!

Kate said...

Lina! You rock! Thanks for the kind comments.

Kate said...

Sadly, yes, it is mostly true. Thanks for stopping by.

Georgina Lee said...

OMG, Kate, do you have spy cam here in my office? It's so true.
Lisa, thank you so much for dragging this gal over here, and having just finished Shattered, I can only say that I can't wait for your Superromance.

Kate said...

Thanks, Barbara. Glad to hear I'm not alone having writing quirks.

K.E. Saxon said...

What a hoot! Thanks for giving us such a comical glimpse into your writing life. Unfortunately, I relate more than I should ;-)

Christy Hayes said...

Walking helps me think, too. I often wonder if I should keep a recording device with me so when brainstorms hit, I can just talk them through instead of having to recreate the brainstorm when I get home. Thanks for giving us a slice of your life.

Lisa Mondello said...

I'm late to the party! So glad you didn't wait for me. How many of us can see ourselves in that post? My day is similar. I usually have to fight for the keyboard with my cat and I usually lose. My way of unclogging the brain is to walk. But I usually make it to the coffee pot to pour another cup when inspiration strikes! And I did once leave the brush inside the toilet bowl while cleaning when I had a breakthrough in one of my books. It's amazing how facing the bowl can bring clarity!

Elysa said...

Other than the fact that you actually managed to get some writing done, your day sounds a lot like mine. :-)

Kate said...

I'm getting the feeling we're more a like than different.
Thanks for letting me blog today, Lisa.

Regina Duke said...

Great post! So much fun! Here's my day:
Get up, let dogs out.
Let dogs in, take shower.
Let dogs out. Turn on computer. Get dressed.
Let dogs in. Make coffee. Check and see if Pixel of Ink has responded.
Move laptop to living room so I can troll through yesterday's work while half listening to news.
Feed dogs, let them out.
Let dogs in. Write. Write. Write. Finally completed WIP at 2:15. Prepare to send file to editor.
Happy dance!

Jolyn Palliata said...

I love the post, Kate! It shows a great personality that I would assume is reflected in your books. I would image my day would go about the same if I were home all day. Maybe I should be grateful for having a day job - I spend all day jamming my head full of "need to do" ideas and by the time I get home, I'm like a mad hurricane to squeeze it all in. Haha!

Ty Johnston said...

Ha! I love that post! My days writing are not quite the same, but I can understand the point. Hmm, I might have to do my own day-in-the-life article at some point.

Deborah Hale said...

Your days sound an awful lot like mine, Kate!

If only they made green tea in a "motivational" flavor... ;o)

Lisa Mondello said...

Congratulations to Elysa, who is the winner of our contest. Elysa please contact Kate to claim your free book. Thank you all for coming to visit! Please check out the books by all the authors who've blogged here. You may find a new favorite!

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