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I'm always excited to discover new authors.  Catina Sinches has written a book that is near and dear to my heart.  Not all woman are Project Runway thin.  In fact, I'm the opposite.  I'm not tall or thin.  So where does that leave me and most of the woman in this population.  I love that Catina Sinches has tackled this in her new book Full Figure Monologues.  Here's a little bit about Catina...

Catina Sinches has always had a love for writing. Short stories and poems served as her foundation. A new chapter in her life has begun as she pursues her dream of becoming an author. Coupled with women she knew and her own life experiences motivated her to write Full Figure Monologues. ” I wanted to create something on a personal level that was not centered around losing weight nor what was going on in the fashion industry.” She hopes to inspire and encourage women through writing.

Catina currently resides in Texas. She earned her degree from Texas Southern University and she is also a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc.

About the writing of Full Figure Monologues:

Q-How did you come up with the title Full Figure Monologues?

Catina: I honestly think the title chose me. For a long time, we were not always afforded a platform to express the way we feel as women without focusing on our size. I felt as if no one truly heard what we had to say. I wanted a title that would encourage dialogue for full-figured women. In the book, I wanted readers to feel that if they heard just one story, they would be able to see themselves or someone they know in the book. We have the same issues just as anyone else. With that, I thought the title was appropriate.

Q-Why are you passionate about writing for full-figured women?

Catina: I have been full-figured all my life and I had to face challenges because of my size. By me writing this book, I wanted to give women a sense that they are not alone.

Now It Begins

No one can truly understand what it is to be a full figured woman until you have worn the outfit and walked in our beautiful shoes. For many, the outfit has been our armor – a shield of unparallel strength that we have worn since we were cute chubby little girls. Teasing was a cruel reality that we had to continually endure . The teasing had many faces as it came from our own family members, friends, kids at school as well as strangers. Our pretty faces were often covered in tears and were a source of comfort to reveal our pain as we were too young to truly understand why people were being so mean to us. The arms of a loving adult or older sibling was also our refuge as they wiped our tears because we could not understand why they called us names.

Now take a step back and look at what you have endured and the blessing that you are still here standing tall. Despite the bumps and bruises during our journey, we had the strength to carry on. We can’t change the past but we can take control of the present and begin enjoying life right now and the many years to come. I know for myself that I can never be mistaken for anything else, other than a courageous woman. It is with a sincere heart that I hope you wake up everyday to the sun rays caressing your beautiful face and start living. When you take the first step and use your heart as your guide, you will have the courage and strength to stand against anything.


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