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Please join me in welcoming author and scriptwriter, Maryann Miller! Maryann is here to talk about her contemporary romance novel, Play It Again, Sam. So be sure and check out the blurb, cover, except, and her special commentary below!

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Play It Again, Sam

Life as she knows it ceases to exist for Samantha Rutgers when her husband of twenty-plus years decides he no longer loves her. The challenges are myriad. Can she build a life without him? Will her daughter always blame her? Can she ever trust a man again?  And what is she going to do about sex?

A contemporary romance with a touch of mainstream that reflects an all too pervasive situation women find themselves in.

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Picking Up the Pieces by Maryann Miller

After a painful divorce a woman is looking for someone she can trust, but for some that is particularly difficult because they trusted the men they were married to, only to be dumped without warning. That is what happened to my friend, Pat, who inspired the central character in Play it Again, Sam. Like Sam, Pat had no clue that there was a problem in her marriage until her husband came home one day to tell her he didn’t love her any more. Just like that. Boom.

What a devastating blow.

Unfortunately, that is a blow that too many people experience. Shortly after the book was first released, I started hearing from readers who said they could relate to Sam, and they were happy to see a story that reflected their reality. They shared how hard it was for them to enter into another relationship and commit completely to it, much like it was for Sam.

For women of a certain age who have spent the bulk of their lives raising a family and supporting a husband on his career path, being cast adrift can be most frightening. In her story, Sam had always been John’s wife or the mother of the children, and she never felt like she could stand independent of them or their assistance in life matters. In the process of dealing with all the aftermath of the divorce, she comes to understand that she has to be Sam first and have the confidence to handle any situation. In essence, she has to rebuild an entire life.

So, one of the messages in the story is the importance of attaining a sense of self and self-worth separate from a relationship, which means not rushing into a new commitment, no matter how tempting the offer.

The other message is the importance of hope and love. It took many years, but my friend Pat, finally met someone who has brought much love into her life. She just never stopped looking for the right man.

Readers will be pleased to know that it didn't take nearly that long for Sam to find the right man. This is a romance novel, after all. It had to have a happy ending.

The following excerpt is from when Sam first meets Frank.

Excerpt from Play It Again, Sam

     Returning to the foyer, Sam saw a tall, silver-haired man looking at a night-shot of the Dallas skyline on one of the walls. “May I help you?” she asked.
     He turned and her gaze was met by eyes as blue as the summer sky. “I have an appointment with Greg.” He stepped forward and offered a hand. “Frank Reynolds.”
      She let her hand be swallowed in his and returned the smile. “Samantha Rutgers.”
      His hand lingered and she pulled out of the contact reluctantly. “I’ll see if he’s ready. Why don’t you have a seat?”
      “I’d rather admire the scenery.”
     Sam glanced over her shoulder to see him watching her. Why that little flirt. He hadn’t seemed like a ‘Bill’ kind of guy, but maybe her instincts were failing her again.
     She walked back to the large workroom where Greg hunched over a computer with Max. “Mr. Reynolds is here.”
     Greg pulled himself upright, stretching in what Sam assumed was an effort to ease the kinks in his back. He looked at her, then back to the screen. “Keep him happy for just a bit. We’ve got to get this to the printer ASAP.”
     She walked back, hoping she was wrong about Mr. Reynolds. She didn’t want to deal with another oversized ego. “Greg will be out in a few minutes,” she said. “Maybe you’d like to take a seat now?”
     “Hope my remark didn’t offend,” Frank said. “Can’t keep up with what’s acceptable anymore. But you have to understand my perspective. Owen was sitting out here a lot after the other receptionist left,” he paused, a smile playing with his full lips. “You’re a definite improvement.”
     When Sam was able to tear her eyes from that smile, she met his gaze. Amusement was tinged with sincerity, and she realized this man was nothing like Bill.
     Still maintaining eye contact, Frank walked over and folded his lanky frame into one of the leather chairs.
     Sam smiled. “Would you like a cup of coffee?”
     “Not if it would be sexist to say ‘yes.’”
     “It would be sexist for you to ask. Not to accept.”
      “In that case, I’d love a cup.”
      She felt a rush of heat and turned quickly before she embarrassed herself. Get a grip, girl. He’s a client. She poured coffee into a mug and took a deep breath to steady herself. Okay. You can do this. Be professional.

About the Author:

Maryann Miller is a best-selling author of books, screenplays and stage plays. She started writing as a child and dreamed of fame and fortune. She's still dreaming. However, she is thrilled at the attention that her books have received. In addition to her romance novel, Maryann has several mysteries published, including the Seasons Series, featuring two women homicide detectives in Dallas. Publisher's Weekly has given the first two books in the series rave reviews. Stay up to date with Maryann Miller on her website: www.maryannwrites.com.
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