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Please join me in welcoming author Deneen Marlette Joyner to Conversations today! Deneen is here to talk about her new novel, Soul Wounds & Sacred Revelations! So be sure and check out the cover and blurb below! And don't forget to check out her interview too and get to know Deneen Marlette Joyner.

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Soul Wounds & Sacred Revelations

Soul Wounds and Sacred Revelations foundationally begs the questions: Why have we settled to live with emotional pain? How do our present responses tie us to our past? Why must we hit rock bottom for God to gain our attention? To end the struggle, we must look at ourselves, really look-not at who we think we are, but who we truly are: more divine than human. Deep within our hearts, we know this. The book gives us permission to break our own hearts and be wrong about all the ugly things we've thought about ourselves to reach ground zero and rebuild ourselves in a divine image.

Author Joyner, takes readers on an indigenous healing journey as she recounts her dark knight of the soul in 2011 that almost left her dead by suicide. Witness vulnerability, courage and power as she transforms her life from a hostage to emotional pain to a modern day warrior daughter as she fights to end decades of carrying emotional pain. At the heart of this beautiful memoir, is the guided wisdom channeled to her by the ancient voices of her Native American and Igbo ancestors which readers can use as a guide, as well, to explore past and present experiences with pain.


Tell us what inspired you to write your first book: Soul Wounds and Sacred Revelations?

I was inspired to write my book after personally carrying emotional pain silently for over four decades.  After hitting rock bottom in 2011 and beginning a journey through self-healing, I was delivered to my healing in 2014. I now understand what it entails to awaken, journey forward and be fully healed. I am honored to share all that I learned.

What is the one thing that people get wrong about emotional pain?

Most people believe that they can avoid having to ever face emotional pain because they have developed methods for coping with carrying it. However, if healing is not sought, it is inevitable that they will hit rock bottom.

You say in your book that your curiosity led you to uncover and discover not only things about yourself but about your family; what did you learn?
I uncovered that I was my own worst enemy and that most of my inner dialogue was self-destructive, unkind and counter intuitive to my believing healing was possible. I discovered an emotional framework surrounding my familial history in responding to emotional pain and how I unconsciously adopted them and used them as my way to respond.

Your book touches on an array of subjects relating to gaining personal awareness, what role does consciousness play in healing?

Consciousness plays a huge part in self-healing. If you are not conscious of your emotional behaviors, ways you show up in the world and what you tell yourself to avoid pain then you will be unaware and less likely to respond differently.

Why do you respect emotional pain?

I have a deep respect for emotional pain because I discovered its true purpose which is not to simply create misery in our lives but to awaken us to master powerful lessons associated with past painful events, so we may begin a healing journey and arrive at our highest self.

What is one thing that you can share with readers to help them in their own healing journey?

You are never too old to heal your pain. The reason most people choose to carry emotional pain versus healing is because they believe that whatever they experienced will overwhelm them if they face it and they will not be able to recover.  The truth is you already have conquered the difficult part, surviving, so what your soul requires next is that you both acknowledge the event(s) that keep you hostage and give yourself permission to awaken and heal.

Now that you are completely healed, how are you helping others?

As a spiritual teacher and advisor, I humbly guide others who are still in the throes of emotional pain, utilizing my personal experiences, professional expertise and gifts as a Shaman to prepare them to courageously awaken and embark upon a journey of their own.

Deneen Mariette Joyner a seventh daughter and seventh generation Black Indian woman knew since the age of five that she was different. Otherworldly metaphysical and spiritual experiences–that growing up in the 1960s in the conservative city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania wasn’t popular having or even understandable. Sharing these experiences with anyone would have branded her as strange, weird or outright crazy. So instead she learned to stifle these experiences to blend in.

Despite having anxiety with having spiritual gifts inherited from both her Native American and West African Igbo ancestors, she also had a difficult childhood riddled with; father abandonment, teen sexual abuse, poverty, severe neglect; bullying, being an outcast, date rape, strained relationships with men, homelessness, and attempts at suicide to end her suffering. Her painful and traumatic life became lost over time as she learned unhealthy self-destructive coping mechanisms to deny and dumb it all. After 47 years of silently crying the pain from her past, in 2011 she awakened and decided to begin the journey to atone and become a student of her life.

In 2014 after mastering her life and doing the deep spiritual work needed to be completely healed from emotional pain, Deneen Marlette Joyner received the greatest gift of all…knowing who she is and the very important role that has been passed on to her by ancestors and the Great Spirit.

Now, embracing her truth and fully understanding her family’s spiritual legacy, Deneen has written her first book, “Soul Wounds & Sacred Revelations.” In this memoir, Ms. Joyner takes readers on the journey from her painful past to her transformational self-healing.

Today she steps forth as an expert on emotional pain, sharing ancient wisdom with individuals and audiences on how to partner and utilize the energy itself as a catalyst for self-exploration, personal empowerment, and spiritual enlightenment.

The core of her brand is centered in her ancestor’s 300-year legacy in healing lost souls, blended with her contemporary approach to self-guided healing. She is spreading her message of inspiration and hope through her writing and as a transformational speaker.

Deneen holds B.A. and M.A degrees in Psychology and Adult Education and Instructional Training with an emphasis in Curriculum Design.

Connect with the author:

Website: www.deneenjoyner.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/deneenjoyne
Email: deneen@deneenjoyner.com

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