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Please welcome author Sharon Lee Johnson to Conversations today! She's here to talk about her paranormal series, Me VS Zombies

Lisa ~

Thank you so much for having me.  I am Sharon Lee Johnson.  I am a Zombie Writer. This year I decided to write, edit, publish and promote 12 short stories.  I have 4 Episodes out this year of Me VS Zombies.  Episode 5 comes out May 22, 2013.

I came up with this idea, looking at pictures of a vacation I took 5 years ago.  My Boyfriend wanted to go deep sea fishing.  We didn't research the trip.  We stopped at the first sign that read "Full Day Fishing or Half Day Fishing".  We pulled into the parking lot.  The locals hung out there and used this fishing service.  We figured if the locals used this service, it had to be safe.  What were we thinking?

1.  They may say there is a bathroom on board, but if a guy says it, be aware.  The Bathroom was a piece of wood, with a hole cut out of it.  The smell was overwhelming.  Needless to say I passed on using their so called bathroom
2.  The crew explains where to throw up.  All I could think of was, "Why would anyone be throwing up?"
3.  As fish were being caught, the crew members sliced the fish open, and let the blood flow on the deck
4.  No Life Jackets.  They fished on one side of the boat.  I was sitting on the other side of the boat on a bench.  Then I realized, "If I fell over board, no one would realize I was not on board.  No one would miss me till they were done fishing."
5.  A storm came up.  The locals were getting nervous and wanted to go back to shore.  It was a two hour boat ride out to fish.  That means that it is two hours back to shore.  The boat was swaying and everyone on the boat was getting sick.  Throwing up over the railings.  Time passed and everyone in the cabin was sick, except me.  All I could think was, "What if they turn into Zombies?"

That was where Me VS Zombies was created.  That was where Summer Morgan was born.  I was the only one on the boat, besides the crew, that didn't get sick.  I did not eat, drink or go to the bathroom for over ten hours.  I was not about to use what they called a bathroom.  I didn't drink, because then I would have to use the bathroom.  I didn't eat, cause then I would be thirsty.

Summer Morgan is me.  I found my inner strength that day.  I do not like the outdoors.  I am a vegetarian and I don't even eat fish.  I was on that boat, realizing that so much could go wrong and no one seemed to care.  Why wasn't anyone wearing a life jacket?

If the day wasn't bad enough, we went to the beach.  I wanted to see what the ocean looked like, with the tide higher than usual.  I had my purse with me.  (Why didn't I leave it in the car?) All the money and credit cards were in my purse.  A wave came, hitting my back.  If my boyfriend did not grab me, I would of been taken out to sea.  He saved me and our money.  I saw people walking out of the ocean.  I thought, "What if they were Zombies and the tide brought them to shore?"

I made Summer Morgan me.  I am a vegetarian.  I have no sense of direction.  I am use to depending on men to take care of me.  I had to learn how to survive on my own.  Summer Morgan has to learn how to survive in this new world with Zombies.  She will learn to use a compass, kill Zombies and learn to love again, as she heads to the midwest to the bunker that Benny told her about.  She gets stronger each day as her world changes around her. 

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On a side note.  We went to Key West Florida.  We both agreed not to go on a boat this trip.  We went on a glass bottom boat.  We went on an air boat ride through the everglades.  Guess I will never learn.  Good thing I took notes on that vacation.

Thank you for having me.  It has been a pleasure.

Paranormal author, Sharon Lee Johnson has been writing all of her life. Always and Forever is a paranormal romance novel, and her Zombie Zoo is a paranormal series with a hint of romance.

Sharon’s love of horror movies brought her to be obsessed with Zombies. She created the
Zombie Zoo series, a hundred years after the first outbreak and the series of The Legend of Jessica where spirits control the town of Lake Sherry.

Sharon is also an animal lover, and has been a vegetarian since she was a teenager. She is moving forward with her writing career and is proud to be an indie author.

Welcome To Zombie Zoo Print and E-Book www.amazon.com/dp/B008Y5D2DA
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