On Conversations: #romance #author Debra Kinnard

Please join me in welcoming romance author Debra Kinnard to Conversations today! Deb is here to talk about her fabulous contemporary romance novel, Love Only Knows. So be sure and check out the blurb and cover!

Lisa ~


Jon Dolan has everything a pop singer could want—fame, a voice with unequalled power and scope. His is a satisfying career with plenty of money, a supportive family, good friends, a crack musical team, and abundant chances to enjoy the good life. Yet why isn’t it enough?

Small-town girl Rebecca Tillman works to find her niche in the big, uncertain world of the break-out mystery novelist. They come from two different worlds, yet the first meeting captures them both. Can they overcome obstacles to create their own canzone d’ amore?

Deb Kinnard started writing at age ten, hacked off because “Bonanza” lacked a ten year old girl with her own pony. From adventures on the Ponderosa, she moved to teenage angsty love stories and dreadful poetry.

After a career that embraced feeding basketball players breakfast, coping with el-ed majors and various ERs different from the ones on TV, she married the man of her dreams and raised two active girls amongst the books.

She sold her first novel, POWERLINE, in 2002 and twelve others since. Her most recent published series is with Desert Breeze Publishing, called “The Faith Box.” PEACEWEAVER, set in 973 Wales, THE HEALING TREE, a tale of 1353 Cornwall, and WHEN THE ROSES BLOOMED, a Romeo-and-Juliet with a happy ending, told in the chaos of 1485 England. More recently she’s embarked on direct-to-reader publishing with two linked contemporary romances, LOVE ONLY KNOWS and FALLING SLOWLY. A third linked story, IF EVER I FALL, will release this autumn.

Deb enjoys beadwork and music. She loves to travel and is a constant people watcher. So if you meet a short-round woman with an acquisitive light in her eye…

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