Guest Blogger - Interview with Anna Black

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Author Anna Black and her new book Who Do I Run To?  I'm always interested in hearing about new books from new authors and how they came to be.  So sit back with a cup of coffee and enjoy the interview!

Anna Black BIO:

Talented and inspiring is the best way to describe this Chicago Native. Now You Wanna Come Back is her debut novel and it has earned Anna, her bestselling author title and has done its duty as a page-turning introduction for Anna. She has showed herself to be ready for the literary world by winning the 2011 African American Literary Award for Best Anthology of the Year for her contribution to the erotic anthology Between the Sheets. Her second novel Luck of the Draw is holding its own; being one of Amazon’s best selling Kindle books for several months. Her love for writing began about ten years ago with poems and short stories and now she is ready to wow readers with her page turning plots, by giving readers stories that will make them laugh, maybe cry, but definitely reflect. This new authoress is here to make a mark in the literary world, so readers get ready. She recently released her third romance page-turner Who Do I Run To and it has already received several five star reviews. She currently lives in Texas with her husband Chris and her daughter Tyra and it is her pleasure to share her written words with you.

Blurb:           Who Do I Run To?

Janiece Hawkins never thought she'd find herself facing a love triangle. More than that; a love triangle with a married man. KP, the man of her dreams swept her completely off her feet before telling her he was married with two kids. Too deep in love to let go, she became accustom to being KP's other woman and didn't have a problem with her role as KP's mistress until she met Isaiah. Isaiah ready to commit and make Janiece his, he stops at nothing to win her over, even though Janiece is stuck on KP. Things spiral out of control when KP decides it's time to leave Kimberly, his wife to be with Janiece. Drama kicks into high gear when Isaiah fights to have Janiece and Kimberly also fights to keep KP. The ultimate decision has to be made by Janiece. Who will she run to when she is ready to love?



Lisa: What type of stories do you write?
Anna: I Romance with a hint of drama and suspense. I write romantic stories that are more realistic than fantasy. What is it about those stories that draws you to that subject? What draws me is the realness. I get feedback all the time with readers saying how they experienced the same situation or they know someon who has.
Lisa: How did you start your career as a writer?
Anna: I started with a Print-On-Demand company initially, then I signed with Delphine Publications.
Lisa: Tell us a little bit about your current book?
Anna: My current release is about a young woman that is involved with a married man and after five years of being his mistress, she decides to move on with a new guy she meets. As soon as she calls it quits, her married lover leaves his wife for her and now she is caught between the two of them and is unsure who she wants to choose. Is it a series? It is part one to the sequel Who Do I Run To Now? Coming summer of 2012.
Lisa: What was it like trying to get your story published?
Anna: This release was easy because I'm signed with a publishing house. Did you have many rejections from publishers? I've never been rejected because I've never submitted my novels to any other publishers.
Lisa: Did you need an agent?
Anna: No I didn't need an agent.
Lisa: Is this book inspired by personal experience?
Anna: No, purely fiction. Where did the idea come from? A little of it was inspired by a friends situation.
Lisa:  What do you do for promotion?
Anna: I promote through on line sites like FaceBook and Twitter. I also hand out post cards almost everywhere I go and my publisher also does a lot of promoting for me. I do serveral signings a year and attend a lot of book conferences.  
Lisa:  What is the oddest or most challenging thing you had to do to research this book?
Anna: Nothing really, there is nothing in the book that needed a lot of research.
Lisa:  How can readers find you and your books? Twitter? Facebook?
Thanks so much Anna!  Readers you can find Who Do You Run To? at

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