Her Heart for the Asking Book 1 of TEXAS HEARTS

An update on HER HEART FOR THE ASKING, Book 1 in my new Texas Hearts series.  I'd hoped to have it published by the last week of January.  With a blog tour in full swing and 3 kids applying to colleges, it's been busy and I've fallen just a little behind.  So the plan is now to have HER HEART FOR THE ASKING published in ebook form by Feb 8th.  If you're one of the people who've emailed me to find out when you can get a copy of book 1, mark your calendar.  Your wait will be over next week. 

Over the weekend  I will post my new cover for the book.  I'm actually quite thrilled with it.  My daughter, who is very artist and much better at doing these things than myself has designed my cover.  Along with my cover I will post some premade ebook covers she's made on a separate page of my blog for any authors who are looking to have economical book covers for their ebooks.

In the meantime, enjoy your Friday!  Check back over the weekend for more updates and mark your calendar for the release of HER HEART FOR THE ASKING Feb 8th!

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