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Please join me in welcoming bestselling romance author, Debra Salonen to Conversations today! Debra is here to talk about her new release, Cowgirl Come Home, A Summer Fair Novel. So be sure and check out the cover and blurb below. Plus, Debra has a wonderfully fun guest post, "Top 10 Reasons to read Cowgirl Come Home" and don't forget to leave a comment because Debra's offering an awesome prize package to one lucky commenter!

Lisa ~

http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00LW78OS0/?tag=crlaofsu-20COWGIRL COME HOME
Montana Born Fair Book 2

Some dreams come with a big price tag.

Bailey Jenkins left her hometown of Marietta, Montana, at eighteen, poised to take college and the rodeo world by storm–despite Paul Zabrinski. On the eve of her great escape, at the top of the Ferris Wheel at the Big Marietta Fair, he invoked his great-grandmother Hilda's curse. “If you do this, Bailey Jenkins, I will hate you forever. And I'll call on my great-grandmother to curse you. She was a Gypsy witch, you know.”

Fifteen years later, Bailey's back–shattered, humbled by fate and bruised at the soul level but determined to rebuild–once she helps her parents get back their feet. She didn't expect her Paul Zabrinski to meet her plane, but seeing him strong, handsome and successful is somehow fitting. After all, Bailey didn't need Paul's gypsy great-grandmother to put a curse on her–Bailey already had the worst luck on the planet.

Never say never.

One look at Bailey Jenkins–his first love, the woman he adored…and cursed–and every emotion Paul Zabrinski felt fifteen years earlier comes rushing back. The love of his life broke his heart and made him hate her…or so he thought. The line between love and hate is very narrow, with only so much room for forgiveness. But Paul Zabrinski owns Big Z Hardware and Construction. If anyone is capable of building a bridge for them to cross together, it's him.

Top Ten Reasons to read Cowgirl Come Home
by Debra Salonen

Thank you, Lisa, for inviting to be part of your blog. You know how it is with new releases, you blog yourself into a tizzy. I decided to have some fun with this one. So, here are my Top 10 Reasons to read Cowgirl Come Home:

#10. Even at full price ($2.99), it's cheaper than a caramel ribbon crunch frappuchino and way less calories. But, if you hurry, you can still buy it for the bargain basement release date sale price of 99¢.

#9. You don't have time to drive to Montana to attend The Big Marietta Fair. (Nor could you possibly meet all twelve heroes and heroines without employing superpowers that you may or may not have.) So, take the easy way and visit the Big Marietta Fair from the comfort of your own home. (Note: all MontanaBorn authors start to believe Marietta is a real town.)

#8. Ferris Wheels can induce motion sickness. With your feet firmly on the ground, you can still enjoy the ride and share in a romantic proposal--or two (have you read Beauty and the Cowboy by Nancy Robards Thompson?)--atop a Ferris Wheel with the silhouette of Copper Mountain in the background. Altogether now..."Say, yes, Bailey. Say, yes."

#7. Yogo sapphires. You might not have heard of Montana sapphires, but the beautiful, custom jewelry from B. Dazzled Western Bling will make you consider hocking your firstborn.

#6. Sex in the barn. Think Harrison Ford and Kelly McGillis in Witness...only he's not a cop and she's not Amish and nobody is trying to kill them. But who doesn't harbor a secret fantasy about making love in a hayloft (with a thick sleeping bag to keep from getting poked by the straw)?

#5. The Fish Whisperer's Beer Batter Fish Fry is better than sex. (Or so they claim.) You can download the recipe on my blog and see for yourself HERE!

#4. You've always known librarians are superheroes. In Cowgirl Come Home, Marietta Children's Librarian Louise Jenkins single-handedly reunites two star-crossed lovers, helps her husband--the love of her life--return from the brink of despair, and organizes a Read-A-Thon for the Big Marietta Fair (while dealing with health issues of her own). Go, Louise!

#3. Forgive You-Know-Who just moved to the top of your To Do List. Yeah, we all know. Hate is easy to come by. Anger, too. Especially if you have good reason to be mad, right? But lugging around a burdensome grudge takes a toll. Learn from Bailey's and Paul's story...forgiveness is liberating.

#2. The "Big Sky" effect: readers burn more calories while reading books set in Montana.* There's just something about the air, the positive vibes, the great sex...you'll see. *Exact calorie count varies by reader and amount of chocolate consumed while reading.

AND THE #1 REASON TO READ "COWGIRL COME HOME" - everybody deserves a Happy Ending.

Can you tell I was getting a little "guest-blog punch happy" when I wrote this? Hope it made you smile. Please leave a comment to be entered to win this prize package:

Two Debra Salonen autographed backlist titles, CLUE - The Movie (DVD), note cards, post-its, mini gel pens, cookies and cool Tule Publishing swag.

Former award-winning newspaper journalist Debra Salonen is a nationally bestselling author with 26 published novels for Harlequin’s Superromance and American lines and one single title release for Harlequin Signature. Several of her titles were nominated for “Best Superromance,” including UNTIL HE MET RACHEL, which took home that honor in 2010. Debra was named Romantic Times Reviewer’s Career Achievement “Series Storyteller of the Year” in 2006. Debra lives in the foothills near Yosemite National Park in California with her husband and two dogs. Luckily, her two children and three grandchildren live close by to keep Debra connected to the real world.

You can find Debra at:


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