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Please join me in welcoming paranormal romance author, Skye Genaro to Conversations today! Skye is here to talk about her teen paranormal romance novel, Echo Across Time, Book 1 in the Echo Saga. So be sure and check out the cover, blurb and excerpt below. Plus, Skye has a wonderfull QandA for us, so be sure and check that out too and get to know Skye and her work!

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http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GXHXBGO/?tag=crlaofsu-20ECHO ACROSS TIME
Book 1 in the Echo Saga

Fall in love with the achingly beautiful story of Echo and Connor, supernaturally gifted teens, as they fight to live out their destiny together.

Telekinesis. Aura sensing. These abilities wreak havoc on Echo's life, and she will do just about anything to get rid of them. Even if it means sharing her secret with Connor, the gorgeous, frightening stranger who appears out of thin air and possesses shocking supernatural abilities. He promises to teach her things beyond her wildest imagination—if Echo has the courage to trust him.

 Soon, she is pulled into a world of mystical possibility and starts falling hard for the enigmatic Connor. As Echo uncovers the truth about him, she discovers a dark secret brewing within her city: people with paranormal gifts are being kidnapped and murdered. Escaping with Connor would keep Echo alive, but at a high cost to Connor and to the future they both believe in. Echo must choose between her love for Connor and her own safety, but she can't have both.

Excerpt from ECHO ACROSS TIME 

      Connor stepped toward me, closing that cushion of space he always maintained. Slowly, he moved near enough to touch.
      My senses sparked back to life. For a moment, I could only watch his chest rise and fall. My eyes shifted to his forearm when his tendons flexed. Then to his bicep, full and round. His breath moved steadily in and out.
      Any doubts I had about his humanness left in a hurry. This was no ghost. This was a pure flesh-and-blood male, radiant and very much alive.
      Even this close, Connor's aura was little more than gentle tendrils against my skin, sweeping lightly through my hair, down my cheek. Was it my imagination, or was his aura exploring me? A gentle heat brushed across my throat, then my collarbone. My lids closed, and a chill curled up my spine. Then the feeling receded, and I was left with the impression I'd been kissed.
      Connor cleared his throat and I opened my eyes. He smiled self-consciously.
      "We’re going to center your energy now, so when we walk out of here, you're less likely to lose control," he said.
      The warmth of his closeness overrode my focus. My throat parched and I couldn't find my voice, so I nodded.
      "Close your eyes. Feel your heart. The soft, rhythmic beat."
      I closed my eyes. Finding my heartbeat was simple because my pulse had jumped with each step he came nearer. I didn't know why, but for once, I had control over my rising emotion. With a bit of effort, I managed to clear the sensation from my brow.
      "Put your hand over your heart," he said.
      I settled my palm on my breastbone and tried to block out the sound of his breathing.
      "Imagine all of your energy, your emotion, settling into that space beneath your hand. Center it there."
      He paused, and then he whispered, so close, the sultriness of his words left moisture on my ear. "Can you feel it? The heat building in your chest?"
      Oh, could I ever. I opened my eyes. His palm rested in the valley between solid pectoral muscles. I had to know, right then, his warmth, his aliveness.
      I lifted my hand away from my heart and reached for his.
      Connor's eyes snapped open. He stepped out of reach and raised a hand to deflect me.
      "No, Echo."
      His words were as harsh as a slap in the face. Shame flooded my cheeks.
      "Sorry," I stuttered. "I need a break, 'kay?" I hurried out the door.
      I broke into a run as soon as I left the warehouse. The control I struggled to maintain while Connor trained me snapped, and my energy whipped wildly. Cardboard boxes tumbled down the alley. Flotsam twirled out of the dumpster and scattered into the city.



Tell us a little about yourself and what you write.
I write teen paranormal and teen paranormal romance stories. I focus on the supernatural branch of the paranormal: characters with abilities like telekinesis, psychics, mediums, aura reading, abilities like that.

How did you get the idea for the series?

I came up with the idea when I was researching supernatural topics. As I read about people with actual supernatural gifts (empaths, precogs, spoon benders), I wondered what it would be like to wake up one morning and find out you had an ability. Who would you tell? What would you do with it? What if you couldn't control it and were trying to hide it because you felt like a freak?

What draws you to this genre?

I love the idea of having supernatural abilities. I have very strong intuition, but think it would be pretty cool to be able to move objects with my mind, or levitate, or walk through walls. I like creating stories where these things are an everyday reality in someone's life.

Is there an underlying theme running through the series?

Yes! The Echo Series is all about personal power—repressing it, learning to embrace it and then deciding how to use it--hopefully for the betterment of society.

Echo, for example, hates her power. She hates being different and having to hide who she really is. So, like so many young women do, she represses her individual power because she wants to fit in.

What type of audience do you have in mind when you are writing?
Most of my readers are teenage girls and woman, so I tend to write stories where relationships are very central.

Readers have told me they like my stories because they are very visually descriptive and have heart, so I've worked to develop this for my audience as well.

Are the paranormal experiences you write about based on someone you know, or events in your own life?

I use a combination of my own experiences, those of my gifted friends and research when developing characters or scenarios for my books and novelettes.

I have a friend who is a very gifted intuitive, and another who is a gifted medium. Another one of my friends is an empath, which means she's highly sensitive to the emotional environment around her. She feels the energy coming off a place or a person very viscerally—it might feel frenetic or staticky for instance. She feels this sensation on her skin or her internal organs.

Skye Genaro's fascination with psychics and other gifted individuals sparked when her own clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities began to grow. As a young girl, she experienced flashes of "knowing", but she didn't recognize her intuitive insight until many years into adulthood.

When she's not writing, Skye is seeking out her next adventure. She and her husband can be found buzzing through the streets of Delhi on a tuk-tuk, rock climbing in Thailand, and canoeing whitewater rapids closer to home. She's been heard more than once saying "whoa, maybe that wasn't such a great idea," but she's usually smiling when she says it.

Skye writes short stories and novels featuring characters with paranormal gifts. She has also written movie scripts, one of which spent time in that mysterious entertainment industry labyrinth called "development."

You can find Skye at:

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